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Protein sequences for hes4 - All

Models (35)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA63007 X. laevis.S
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA59026 X. laevis.L
NCBI 10.0 mRNA078409 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000003678 X. tropicalis
Xenbase 9.2 rna77477 X. laevis.S
Xenbase 9.2 rna57683 X. laevis.L
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18035571m X. laevis.L
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18037468m X. laevis.S
Xenbase 9.1 rna10586 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000003678 X. tropicalis
JGI 7.2 Xelaev16067771m X. laevis.L
JGI 7.1 Xetro.G01450.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10020279m X. laevis.L
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10009738m X. laevis.S
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_2070024 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000003678 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000055937 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.207.83.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.207.84.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.207.85.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.207.83.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.207.84.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.207.85.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_FilteredModels1.C_2070012 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_2070083 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_2070084 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_2070085 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_kg.C_2070003 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_2070025 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_pm.C_2070011 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_Sanger_cdna.C_scaffold_207000002 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_kg.C_scaffold_207000003 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_207000024 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_207000025 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_207000011 X. tropicalis

NCBI Proteins (23)

Accession Species Source
NP_988870 X. tropicalis RefSeq
CAJ82465 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
AAH59761 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
AAZ04408 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
KAE8592766 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8592765 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8592764 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8592763 X. tropicalis RefSeq
AAH71075 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAH70547 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAD43304 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAK63842 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAK63841 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAK39552 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAD01745 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
NP_001082161 X. laevis.L RefSeq
NP_001082574 X. laevis.S RefSeq
OCT70544 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
OCT55648 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
OCT72590 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein

UniProt Proteins (3)

Accession Species Source
Q6PBD4 (InterPro) X. tropicalis Swiss-Prot
Q90Z12 (InterPro) X. laevis.S Swiss-Prot
Q90VV1 (InterPro) X. laevis.L Swiss-Prot