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Nucleotide sequences for trdn - All

RefSeq mRNAs(50)
Models - Gene (14)
Models - mRNA (16)
mRNAs (101)
ESTs (40)

RefSeq mRNAs (50)

Accession Version name Length Protein Species
XM_041562861 XM_041562861.1 XP_041418795.1 titin isoform X10 10158 bp XP_041418795 X. laevis.L
XM_041562892 XM_041562892.1 XP_041418826.1 titin isoform X41 10160 bp XP_041418826 X. laevis.L
XM_041562894 XM_041562894.1 XP_041418828.1 titin isoform X42 10160 bp XP_041418828 X. laevis.L
XM_041562895 XM_041562895.1 XP_041418829.1 titin isoform X43 10151 bp XP_041418829 X. laevis.L
XM_041562896 XM_041562896.1 XP_041418830.1 titin isoform X44 10151 bp XP_041418830 X. laevis.L
XM_041562897 XM_041562897.1 XP_041418831.1 titin isoform X45 10151 bp XP_041418831 X. laevis.L
XM_041562898 XM_041562898.1 XP_041418832.1 titin isoform X46 10148 bp XP_041418832 X. laevis.L
XM_041562899 XM_041562899.1 XP_041418833.1 titin isoform X47 10145 bp XP_041418833 X. laevis.L
XM_041562900 XM_041562900.1 XP_041418834.1 titin isoform X48 10109 bp XP_041418834 X. laevis.L
XM_041562901 XM_041562901.1 XP_041418835.1 titin isoform X49 10103 bp XP_041418835 X. laevis.L
XM_041562902 XM_041562902.1 XP_041418836.1 titin isoform X50 10048 bp XP_041418836 X. laevis.L
XM_041562882 XM_041562882.1 XP_041418816.1 titin isoform X31 10160 bp XP_041418816 X. laevis.L
XM_041562883 XM_041562883.1 XP_041418817.1 titin isoform X32 10160 bp XP_041418817 X. laevis.L
XM_041562884 XM_041562884.1 XP_041418818.1 titin isoform X33 10160 bp XP_041418818 X. laevis.L
XM_041562885 XM_041562885.1 XP_041418819.1 titin isoform X34 10160 bp XP_041418819 X. laevis.L
XM_041562886 XM_041562886.1 XP_041418820.1 titin isoform X35 10160 bp XP_041418820 X. laevis.L
XM_041562887 XM_041562887.1 XP_041418821.1 titin isoform X36 10160 bp XP_041418821 X. laevis.L
XM_041562888 XM_041562888.1 XP_041418822.1 titin isoform X37 10160 bp XP_041418822 X. laevis.L
XM_041562889 XM_041562889.1 XP_041418823.1 titin isoform X38 10160 bp XP_041418823 X. laevis.L
XM_041562890 XM_041562890.1 XP_041418824.1 titin isoform X39 10160 bp XP_041418824 X. laevis.L
XM_041562891 XM_041562891.1 XP_041418825.1 titin isoform X40 10160 bp XP_041418825 X. laevis.L
XM_041562872 XM_041562872.1 XP_041418806.1 titin isoform X21 10159 bp XP_041418806 X. laevis.L
XM_041562873 XM_041562873.1 XP_041418807.1 titin isoform X22 10159 bp XP_041418807 X. laevis.L
XM_041562874 XM_041562874.1 XP_041418808.1 titin isoform X23 10159 bp XP_041418808 X. laevis.L
XM_041562875 XM_041562875.1 XP_041418809.1 titin isoform X24 10159 bp XP_041418809 X. laevis.L
XM_041562876 XM_041562876.1 XP_041418810.1 titin isoform X25 10159 bp XP_041418810 X. laevis.L
XM_041562877 XM_041562877.1 XP_041418811.1 titin isoform X26 10159 bp XP_041418811 X. laevis.L
XM_041562878 XM_041562878.1 XP_041418812.1 titin isoform X27 10159 bp XP_041418812 X. laevis.L
XM_041562879 XM_041562879.1 XP_041418813.1 titin isoform X28 10160 bp XP_041418813 X. laevis.L
XM_041562880 XM_041562880.1 XP_041418814.1 titin isoform X29 10160 bp XP_041418814 X. laevis.L
XM_041562881 XM_041562881.1 XP_041418815.1 titin isoform X30 10160 bp XP_041418815 X. laevis.L
XM_041562862 XM_041562862.1 XP_041418796.1 titin isoform X11 10159 bp XP_041418796 X. laevis.L
XM_041562863 XM_041562863.1 XP_041418797.1 titin isoform X12 10159 bp XP_041418797 X. laevis.L
XM_041562864 XM_041562864.1 XP_041418798.1 titin isoform X13 10159 bp XP_041418798 X. laevis.L
XM_041562865 XM_041562865.1 XP_041418799.1 titin isoform X14 10159 bp XP_041418799 X. laevis.L
XM_041562866 XM_041562866.1 XP_041418800.1 titin isoform X15 10159 bp XP_041418800 X. laevis.L
XM_041562867 XM_041562867.1 XP_041418801.1 titin isoform X16 10159 bp XP_041418801 X. laevis.L
XM_041562868 XM_041562868.1 XP_041418802.1 titin isoform X17 10159 bp XP_041418802 X. laevis.L
XM_041562869 XM_041562869.1 XP_041418803.1 titin isoform X18 10159 bp XP_041418803 X. laevis.L
XM_041562870 XM_041562870.1 XP_041418804.1 titin isoform X19 10159 bp XP_041418804 X. laevis.L
XM_041562871 XM_041562871.1 XP_041418805.1 titin isoform X20 10159 bp XP_041418805 X. laevis.L
XM_041562852 XM_041562852.1 XP_041418786.1 titin isoform X1 10206 bp XP_041418786 X. laevis.L
XM_041562853 XM_041562853.1 XP_041418787.1 titin isoform X2 10203 bp XP_041418787 X. laevis.L
XM_041562854 XM_041562854.1 XP_041418788.1 titin isoform X3 10203 bp XP_041418788 X. laevis.L
XM_041562855 XM_041562855.1 XP_041418789.1 titin isoform X4 10164 bp XP_041418789 X. laevis.L