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Mitochondrial cellular organization and shape fluctuations are differentially modulated by cytoskeletal networks., Fernández Casafuz AB, De Rossi MC, Bruno L., Sci Rep. March 11, 2023; 13 (1): 4065.        

HNF1B Alters an Evolutionarily Conserved Nephrogenic Program of Target Genes., Grand K, Stoltz M, Rizzo L, Röck R, Kaminski MM, Salinas G, Getwan M, Naert T, Pichler R, Lienkamp SS., J Am Soc Nephrol. March 1, 2023; 34 (3): 412-432.                          

TimeMeter assesses temporal gene expression similarity and identifies differentially progressing genes., Jiang P, Chamberlain CS, Vanderby R, Thomson JA, Stewart R., Nucleic Acids Res. May 21, 2020; 48 (9): e51.                    

Generation of Remosomes by the SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeler Family., Shukla MS, Syed SH, Boopathi R, Simon EB, Nahata S, Ramos L, Dalkara D, Moskalenko C, Travers A, Angelov D, Dimitrov S, Hamiche A, Bednar J., Sci Rep. October 2, 2019; 9 (1): 14212.

Viral highway to nucleus exposed by image correlation analyses., Mäntylä E, Chacko JV, Aho V, Parrish CR, Shahin V, Kann M, Digman MA, Gratton E, Vihinen-Ranta M., Sci Rep. January 18, 2018; 8 (1): 1152.            

Nucleolin is a histone chaperone with FACT-like activity and assists remodeling of nucleosomes., Angelov D, Bondarenko VA, Almagro S, Menoni H, Mongélard F, Hans F, Mietton F, Studitsky VM, Hamiche A, Dimitrov S, Bouvet P., EMBO J. April 19, 2006; 25 (8): 1669-79.

Mechanism of polymerase II transcription repression by the histone variant macroH2A., Doyen CM, An W, Angelov D, Bondarenko V, Mietton F, Studitsky VM, Hamiche A, Roeder RG, Bouvet P, Dimitrov S., Mol Cell Biol. February 1, 2006; 26 (3): 1156-64.

The histone fold subunits of Drosophila CHRAC facilitate nucleosome sliding through dynamic DNA interactions., Hartlepp KF, Fernández-Tornero C, Eberharter A, Grüne T, Müller CW, Becker PB., Mol Cell Biol. November 1, 2005; 25 (22): 9886-96.

SWI/SNF remodeling and p300-dependent transcription of histone variant H2ABbd nucleosomal arrays., Angelov D, Verdel A, An W, Bondarenko V, Hans F, Doyen CM, Studitsky VM, Hamiche A, Roeder RG, Bouvet P, Dimitrov S., EMBO J. October 1, 2004; 23 (19): 3815-24.

Critical role for the histone H4 N terminus in nucleosome remodeling by ISWI., Clapier CR, Längst G, Corona DF, Becker PB, Nightingale KP., Mol Cell Biol. February 1, 2001; 21 (3): 875-83.

Multiple ISWI ATPase complexes from xenopus laevis. Functional conservation of an ACF/CHRAC homolog., Guschin D, Geiman TM, Kikyo N, Tremethick DJ, Wolffe AP, Wade PA., J Biol Chem. November 10, 2000; 275 (45): 35248-55.

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