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Site-directed MT1-MMP trafficking and surface insertion regulate AChR clustering and remodeling at developing NMJs., Chan ZC, Kwan HR, Wong YS, Jiang Z, Zhou Z, Tam KW, Chan YS, Chan CB, Lee CW, Lee CW., Elife. March 24, 2020; 9                                     

Requirement for lamin B receptor and its regulation by importin {beta} and phosphorylation in nuclear envelope assembly during mitotic exit., Lu X, Shi Y, Lu Q, Ma Y, Luo J, Wang Q, Ji J, Jiang Q, Zhang C., J Biol Chem. October 22, 2010; 285 (43): 33281-93.

Arp2/3- and cofilin-coordinated actin dynamics is required for insulin-mediated GLUT4 translocation to the surface of muscle cells., Chiu TT, Patel N, Shaw AE, Bamburg JR, Klip A., Mol Biol Cell. October 15, 2010; 21 (20): 3529-39.                

Arp2/3 complex is important for filopodia formation, growth cone motility, and neuritogenesis in neuronal cells., Korobova F, Svitkina T., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2008; 19 (4): 1561-74.                    

Survivin increased vascular development during Xenopus ontogenesis., Du Pasquier D, Phung AC, Ymlahi-Ouazzani Q, Sinzelle L, Ballagny C, Bronchain O, Du Pasquier L, Mazabraud A., Differentiation. June 1, 2006; 74 (5): 244-53.              

Phosphorylation of the p34(cdc2) target site on goldfish germinal vesicle lamin B3 before oocyte maturation., Yamaguchi A, Katsu Y, Matsuyama M, Yoshikuni M, Nagahama Y., Eur J Cell Biol. June 1, 2006; 85 (6): 501-17.

Characterization of MPF and MAPK activities during meiotic maturation of Xenopus tropicalis oocytes., Bodart JF, Gutierrez DV, Nebreda AR, Buckner BD, Resau JR, Duesbery NS., Dev Biol. May 15, 2002; 245 (2): 348-61.

Phosphorylation and functional regulation of ClC-2 chloride channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes by M cyclin-dependent protein kinase., Furukawa T, Ogura T, Zheng YJ, Tsuchiya H, Nakaya H, Katayama Y, Inagaki N., J Physiol. May 1, 2002; 540 (Pt 3): 883-93.

Chemical structure of nuclear proteins which are phosphorylated during meiotic maturation of starfish oocytes., Matoba K, Matsumoto Y, Hongo T, Nagamatsu Y, Sugino H, Shimizu T, Takao T, Shimonishi Y, Ikegami S., Biochemistry. May 30, 2000; 39 (21): 6390-400.

Activation of Xenopus eggs by the kinase inhibitor 6-DMAP suggests a differential regulation of cyclin B and p39(mos) proteolysis., Bodart JF, Béchard D, Bertout M, Gannon J, Rousseau A, Vilain JP, Flament S., Exp Cell Res. December 15, 1999; 253 (2): 413-21.

DNA-binding activity of the transcription factor upstream stimulatory factor 1 (USF-1) is regulated by cyclin-dependent phosphorylation., Cheung E, Mayr P, Coda-Zabetta F, Woodman PG, Boam DS., Biochem J. November 15, 1999; 344 Pt 1 145-52.

Two distinct mechanisms control the accumulation of cyclin B1 and Mos in Xenopus oocytes in response to progesterone., Frank-Vaillant M, Jessus C, Ozon R, Maller JL, Haccard O., Mol Biol Cell. October 1, 1999; 10 (10): 3279-88.

A p90(rsk) mutant constitutively interacting with MAP kinase uncouples MAP kinase from p34(cdc2)/cyclin B activation in Xenopus oocytes., Gavin AC, Ni Ainle A, Chierici E, Jones M, Nebreda AR., Mol Biol Cell. September 1, 1999; 10 (9): 2971-86.

Inhibition of protein tyrosine phosphatases blocks calcium-induced activation of metaphase II-arrested oocytes of Xenopus laevis., Bodart JF, Béchard D, Bertout M, Rousseau A, Gannon J, Vilain JP, Flament S., FEBS Lett. August 27, 1999; 457 (2): 175-8.

A novel p34(cdc2)-binding and activating protein that is necessary and sufficient to trigger G(2)/M progression in Xenopus oocytes., Ferby I, Blazquez M, Palmer A, Eritja R, Nebreda AR., Genes Dev. August 15, 1999; 13 (16): 2177-89.

The Xenopus laevis aurora-related protein kinase pEg2 associates with and phosphorylates the kinesin-related protein XlEg5., Giet R, Uzbekov R, Cubizolles F, Le Guellec K, Prigent C., J Biol Chem. May 21, 1999; 274 (21): 15005-13.

Inhibition of RNA polymerase III transcription by a ribosome-associated kinase activity., Westmark CJ, Ghose R, Huber PW., Nucleic Acids Res. October 15, 1998; 26 (20): 4758-64.

A link between MAP kinase and p34(cdc2)/cyclin B during oocyte maturation: p90(rsk) phosphorylates and inactivates the p34(cdc2) inhibitory kinase Myt1., Palmer A, Gavin AC, Nebreda AR., EMBO J. September 1, 1998; 17 (17): 5037-47.

Cyclin-stimulated binding of Cks proteins to cyclin-dependent kinases., Egan EA, Solomon MJ., Mol Cell Biol. July 1, 1998; 18 (7): 3659-67.

A predictive scale for evaluating cyclin-dependent kinase substrates. A comparison of p34cdc2 and p33cdk2., Holmes JK, Solomon MJ., J Biol Chem. October 11, 1996; 271 (41): 25240-6.

The guanine-nucleotide-exchange complex (EF-1 beta gamma delta) of elongation factor-1 contains two similar leucine-zipper proteins EF-1 delta, p34 encoded by EF-1 delta 1 and p36 encoded by EF-1 delta 2., Minella O, Mulner-Lorillon O, Poulhe R, Bellé R, Cormier P., Eur J Biochem. May 1, 1996; 237 (3): 685-90.

Human and Xenopus mo15 messenger-RNA are highly conserved but show different patterns of expression in adult tissues., Kobelt D, Karn T, Hock B, Holtrich U, Brauninger A, Wolf G, Strebhardt K, Rubsamenwaigmann K., Oncol Rep. November 1, 1994; 1 (6): 1269-75.

CDK2 encodes a 33-kDa cyclin A-associated protein kinase and is expressed before CDC2 in the cell cycle., Elledge SJ, Richman R, Hall FL, Williams RT, Lodgson N, Harper JW., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 1, 1992; 89 (7): 2907-11.

S-phase feedback control in budding yeast independent of tyrosine phosphorylation of p34cdc28., Sorger PK, Murray AW., Nature. January 23, 1992; 355 (6358): 365-8.

A new human p34 protein kinase, CDK2, identified by complementation of a cdc28 mutation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a homolog of Xenopus Eg1., Elledge SJ, Spottswood MR., EMBO J. September 1, 1991; 10 (9): 2653-9.

Cell cycle tyrosine phosphorylation of p34cdc2 and a microtubule-associated protein kinase homolog in Xenopus oocytes and eggs., Ferrell JE, Wu M, Gerhart JC, Martin GS., Mol Cell Biol. April 1, 1991; 11 (4): 1965-71.

[From ovocyte to biochemistry of the cell cycle]., Ozon R., Verh K Acad Geneeskd Belg. January 1, 1991; 53 (4): 365-85.

The cdc2 kinase is a nuclear protein that is essential for mitosis in mammalian cells., Riabowol K, Draetta G, Brizuela L, Vandre D, Beach D., Cell. May 5, 1989; 57 (3): 393-401.

cdc2 is a component of the M phase-specific histone H1 kinase: evidence for identity with MPF., Arion D, Meijer L, Brizuela L, Beach D., Cell. October 21, 1988; 55 (2): 371-8.

Activation at M-phase of a protein kinase encoded by a starfish homologue of the cell cycle control gene cdc2+., Labbe JC, Lee MG, Nurse P, Picard A, Doree M., Nature. September 15, 1988; 335 (6187): 251-4.

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