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Xenopus as a model system for studying pancreatic development and diabetes., Kofent J, Spagnoli FM., Semin Cell Dev Biol. March 1, 2016; 51 106-16.  

Phylogenomic analysis and expression patterns of large Maf genes in Xenopus tropicalis provide new insights into the functional evolution of the gene family in osteichthyans., Coolen M, Sii-Felice K, Bronchain O, Mazabraud A, Bourrat F, Rétaux S, Felder-Schmittbuhl MP, Mazan S, Plouhinec JL., Dev Genes Evol. July 1, 2005; 215 (7): 327-39.

Temporal expression of L-Maf and RaxL in developing chicken retina are arranged into mosaic pattern., Ochi H, Sakagami K, Ishii A, Morita N, Nishiuchi M, Ogino H, Yasuda K., Gene Expr Patterns. September 1, 2004; 4 (5): 489-94.

Mouse MafA, homologue of zebrafish somite Maf 1, contributes to the specific transcriptional activity through the insulin promoter., Kajihara M, Sone H, Amemiya M, Katoh Y, Isogai M, Shimano H, Yamada N, Takahashi S., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. December 19, 2003; 312 (3): 831-42.

Conservation of the deleted-in-azoospermia-like-1 (DAZL1) gene structure in old world monkeys points to a homologous function of DAZL1 in this primate class., Grossmann B, Weinbauer G, Hirschmann P, Vogt PH., J Endocrinol Invest. October 1, 2000; 23 (9): 616-22.

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