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Mechanical Force Induces Phosphorylation-Mediated Signaling that Underlies Tissue Response and Robustness in Xenopus Embryos., Hashimoto Y, Kinoshita N, Greco TM, Federspiel JD, Jean Beltran PM, Ueno N, Cristea IM., Cell Syst. March 27, 2019; 8 (3): 226-241.e7.                

JAM-related proteins in mucosal homeostasis and inflammation., Luissint AC, Nusrat A, Parkos CA., Semin Immunopathol. March 1, 2014; 36 (2): 211-26.

Regulation of the voltage gated K channel Kv1.3 by recombinant human klotho protein., Almilaji A, Honisch S, Liu G, Elvira B, Ajay SS, Hosseinzadeh Z, Ahmed M, Munoz C, Sopjani M, Lang F., Kidney Blood Press Res. January 1, 2014; 39 (6): 609-22.

JAM-A protects from thrombosis by suppressing integrin αIIbβ3-dependent outside-in signaling in platelets., Naik MU, Stalker TJ, Brass LF, Naik UP., Blood. April 5, 2012; 119 (14): 3352-60.

A broadly conserved pathway generates 3'UTR-directed primary piRNAs., Robine N, Lau NC, Balla S, Jin Z, Okamura K, Kuramochi-Miyagawa S, Blower MD, Lai EC., Curr Biol. December 29, 2009; 19 (24): 2066-76.

Immunoglobulin superfamily receptors in protochordates: before RAG time., Du Pasquier L, Zucchetti I, De Santis R., Immunol Rev. April 1, 2004; 198 233-48.

Heterogeneity of endothelial junctions is reflected by differential expression and specific subcellular localization of the three JAM family members., Aurrand-Lions M, Johnson-Leger C, Wong C, Du Pasquier L, Imhof BA., Blood. December 15, 2001; 98 (13): 3699-707.

Gene expression screening in Xenopus identifies molecular pathways, predicts gene function and provides a global view of embryonic patterning., Gawantka V, Pollet N, Delius H, Vingron M, Pfister R, Nitsch R, Blumenstock C, Niehrs C., Mech Dev. October 1, 1998; 77 (2): 95-141.                                                            

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