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Kv3.1 channelopathy: a novel loss-of-function variant and the mechanistic basis of its clinical phenotypes., Li X, Zheng Y, Li S, Nair U, Sun C, Zhao C, Lu J, Zhang VW, Maljevic S, Petrou S, Lin J., Ann Transl Med. September 1, 2021; 9 (18): 1397.

KCNC1-related disorders: new de novo variants expand the phenotypic spectrum., Park J, Koko M, Hedrich UBS, Hermann A, Cremer K, Haberlandt E, Grimmel M, Alhaddad B, Beck-Woedl S, Harrer M, Karall D, Kingelhoefer L, Tzschach A, Matthies LC, Strom TM, Ringelstein EB, Sturm M, Engels H, Wolff M, Lerche H, Haack TB., Ann Clin Transl Neurol. July 1, 2019; 6 (7): 1319-1326.    

Kv3.1/Kv3.2 channel positive modulators enable faster activating kinetics and increase firing frequency in fast-spiking GABAergic interneurons., Boddum K, Hougaard C, Xiao-Ying Lin J, von Schoubye NL, Jensen HS, Grunnet M, Jespersen T., Neuropharmacology. May 15, 2017; 118 102-112.

Positive Allosteric Modulation of Kv Channels by Sevoflurane: Insights into the Structural Basis of Inhaled Anesthetic Action., Liang Q, Anderson WD, Jones ST, Souza CS, Hosoume JM, Treptow W, Covarrubias M., PLoS One. November 24, 2015; 10 (11): e0143363.                    

Novel activation of voltage-gated K(+) channels by sevoflurane., Barber AF, Liang Q, Covarrubias M., J Biol Chem. November 23, 2012; 287 (48): 40425-32.

Inhalational anaesthetics and n-alcohols share a site of action in the neuronal Shaw2 Kv channel., Bhattacharji A, Klett N, Go RC, Covarrubias M., Br J Pharmacol. April 1, 2010; 159 (7): 1475-85.

The concerted contribution of the S4-S5 linker and the S6 segment to the modulation of a Kv channel by 1-alkanols., Bhattacharji A, Kaplan B, Harris T, Qu X, Germann MW, Covarrubias M., Mol Pharmacol. November 1, 2006; 70 (5): 1542-54.

Membrane stretch slows the concerted step prior to opening in a Kv channel., Laitko U, Juranka PF, Morris CE., J Gen Physiol. June 1, 2006; 127 (6): 687-701.                  

Stichodactyla helianthus peptide, a pharmacological tool for studying Kv3.2 channels., Yan L, Herrington J, Goldberg E, Dulski PM, Bugianesi RM, Slaughter RS, Banerjee P, Brochu RM, Priest BT, Kaczorowski GJ, Rudy B, Garcia ML., Mol Pharmacol. May 1, 2005; 67 (5): 1513-21.

Allosteric modulation of a neuronal K+ channel by 1-alkanols is linked to a key residue in the activation gate., Harris T, Graber AR, Covarrubias M., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. October 1, 2003; 285 (4): C788-96.

Molecular features of an alcohol binding site in a neuronal potassium channel., Shahidullah M, Harris T, Germann MW, Covarrubias M., Biochemistry. September 30, 2003; 42 (38): 11243-52.

Regulation of Shaker-type potassium channels by hypoxia. Oxygen-sensitive K+ channels in PC12 cells., Conforti L, Millhorn DE., Adv Exp Med Biol. January 1, 2000; 475 265-74.

Role of the S4 in cooperativity of voltage-dependent potassium channel activation., Smith-Maxwell CJ, Ledwell JL, Aldrich RW., J Gen Physiol. March 1, 1998; 111 (3): 399-420.                

Modulation of two cloned potassium channels by 1-alkanols demonstrates different cutoffs., Chu B, Treistman SN., Alcohol Clin Exp Res. September 1, 1997; 21 (6): 1103-7.

Role of the S3-S4 linker in Shaker potassium channel activation., Mathur R, Zheng J, Yan Y, Sigworth FJ., J Gen Physiol. February 1, 1997; 109 (2): 191-9.              

Alcohols inhibit a cloned potassium channel at a discrete saturable site. Insights into the molecular basis of general anesthesia., Covarrubias M, Vyas TB, Escobar L, Wei A., J Biol Chem. August 18, 1995; 270 (33): 19408-16.

Ethanol selectively blocks a noninactivating K+ current expressed in Xenopus oocytes., Covarrubias M, Rubin E., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. August 1, 1993; 90 (15): 6957-60.

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