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Identification and characterization of centromeric sequences in Xenopus laevis., Smith OK, Limouse C, Fryer KA, Teran NA, Sundararajan K, Heald R, Straight AF., Genome Res. June 1, 2021; 31 (6): 958-967.

Paternal chromosome loss and metabolic crisis contribute to hybrid inviability in Xenopus., Gibeaux R, Acker R, Kitaoka M, Georgiou G, van Kruijsbergen I, Ford B, Marcotte EM, Nomura DK, Kwon T, Veenstra GJC, Heald R., Nature. January 18, 2018; 553 (7688): 337-341.      

Xenopus laevis M18BP1 Directly Binds Existing CENP-A Nucleosomes to Promote Centromeric Chromatin Assembly., French BT, Westhorpe FG, Limouse C, Straight AF., Dev Cell. July 24, 2017; 42 (2): 190-199.e10.                

Bub1 targeting to centromeres is sufficient for Sgo1 recruitment in the absence of kinetochores., Williams SJ, Abrieu A, Losada A., Chromosoma. March 1, 2017; 126 (2): 279-286.          

Shaping Chromatin in the Nucleus: The Bricks and the Architects., Sitbon D, Podsypanina K, Yadav T, Almouzni G., Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. January 1, 2017; 82 1-14.            

CENP-A and H3 Nucleosomes Display a Similar Stability to Force-Mediated Disassembly., Kim SH, Vlijm R, van der Torre J, Dalal Y, Dekker C., PLoS One. November 7, 2016; 11 (11): e0165078.      

Kinetochore function is controlled by a phospho-dependent coexpansion of inner and outer components., Wynne DJ, Funabiki H., J Cell Biol. September 14, 2015; 210 (6): 899-916.                

A cell-free CENP-A assembly system defines the chromatin requirements for centromere maintenance., Westhorpe FG, Fuller CJ, Straight AF., J Cell Biol. June 22, 2015; 209 (6): 789-801.          

Centromeric histone variant CENP-A represses acetylation-dependent chromatin transcription that is relieved by histone chaperone NPM1., Shandilya J, Senapati P, Hans F, Menoni H, Bouvet P, Dimitrov S, Angelov D, Kundu TK., J Biochem. October 1, 2014; 156 (4): 221-7.

CENP-A arrays are more condensed than canonical arrays at low ionic strength., Geiss CP, Keramisanou D, Sekulic N, Scheffer MP, Black BE, Frangakis AS., Biophys J. February 18, 2014; 106 (4): 875-82.

The Prp19 complex directly functions in mitotic spindle assembly., Hofmann JC, Tegha-Dunghu J, Dräger S, Will CL, Lührmann R, Gruss OJ., PLoS One. September 3, 2013; 8 (9): e74851.          

Human chromokinesins promote chromosome congression and spindle microtubule dynamics during mitosis., Wandke C, Barisic M, Sigl R, Rauch V, Wolf F, Amaro AC, Tan CH, Pereira AJ, Kutay U, Maiato H, Meraldi P, Geley S., J Cell Biol. September 3, 2012; 198 (5): 847-63.                  

CENP-C recruits M18BP1 to centromeres to promote CENP-A chromatin assembly., Moree B, Meyer CB, Fuller CJ, Straight AF., J Cell Biol. September 19, 2011; 194 (6): 855-71.                            

In vitro centromere and kinetochore assembly on defined chromatin templates., Guse A, Carroll CW, Moree B, Fuller CJ, Straight AF., Nature. August 28, 2011; 477 (7364): 354-8.      

New clues to understand how CENP-A maintains centromere identity., Sánchez P, Losada A., Cell Div. May 9, 2011; 6 (1): 11.  

Uracil DNA N-glycosylase promotes assembly of human centromere protein A., Zeitlin SG, Chapados BR, Baker NM, Tai C, Slupphaug G, Wang JY., PLoS One. March 2, 2011; 6 (3): e17151.                        

Xenopus HJURP and condensin II are required for CENP-A assembly., Bernad R, Sánchez P, Rivera T, Rodríguez-Corsino M, Boyarchuk E, Vassias I, Ray-Gallet D, Arnaoutov A, Dasso M, Almouzni G, Losada A., J Cell Biol. February 21, 2011; 192 (4): 569-82.              

Human RASSF7 regulates the microtubule cytoskeleton and is required for spindle formation, Aurora B activation and chromosomal congression during mitosis., Recino A, Sherwood V, Flaxman A, Cooper WN, Latif F, Ward A, Chalmers AD., Biochem J. September 1, 2010; 430 (2): 207-13.        

Inhibition of protein deacetylation by trichostatin A impairs microtubule-kinetochore attachment., Ma Y, Cai S, Lu Q, Lu X, Jiang Q, Zhou J, Zhang C., Cell Mol Life Sci. October 1, 2008; 65 (19): 3100-9.

Aurora B kinase and protein phosphatase 1 have opposing roles in modulating kinetochore assembly., Emanuele MJ, Lan W, Jwa M, Miller SA, Chan CS, Stukenberg PT., J Cell Biol. April 21, 2008; 181 (2): 241-54.                

A NASP (N1/N2)-related protein, Sim3, binds CENP-A and is required for its deposition at fission yeast centromeres., Dunleavy EM, Pidoux AL, Monet M, Bonilla C, Richardson W, Hamilton GL, Ekwall K, McLaughlin PJ, Allshire RC., Mol Cell. December 28, 2007; 28 (6): 1029-44.              

Bub1 is essential for assembly of the functional inner centromere., Boyarchuk Y, Salic A, Dasso M, Arnaoutov A., J Cell Biol. March 26, 2007; 176 (7): 919-28.            

Xenopus CENP-A assembly into chromatin requires base excision repair proteins., Zeitlin SG, Patel S, Kavli B, Slupphaug G., DNA Repair (Amst). July 12, 2005; 4 (7): 760-72.

Histone H1 is essential for mitotic chromosome architecture and segregation in Xenopus laevis egg extracts., Maresca TJ, Freedman BS, Heald R., J Cell Biol. June 20, 2005; 169 (6): 859-69.              

Identification of xenopus CENP-A and an associated centromeric DNA repeat., Edwards NS, Murray AW., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2005; 16 (4): 1800-10.

Direct observation of microtubule dynamics at kinetochores in Xenopus extract spindles: implications for spindle mechanics., Maddox P, Straight A, Coughlin P, Mitchison TJ, Salmon ED., J Cell Biol. August 4, 2003; 162 (3): 377-82.        

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