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Common features of cartilage maturation are not conserved in an amphibian model., Nguyen JKB, Gómez-Picos P, Liu Y, Ovens K, Eames BF., Dev Dyn. April 21, 2023;                 

Activation of 2-oxoglutarate receptor 1 (OXGR1) by α-ketoglutarate (αKG) does not detectably stimulate Pendrin-mediated anion exchange in Xenopus oocytes., Heneghan JF, Majmundar AJ, Rivera A, Wohlgemuth JG, Dlott JS, Snyder LM, Hildebrandt F, Alper SL., Physiol Rep. July 1, 2022; 10 (14): e15362.

Retinoid-X receptor agonists increase thyroid hormone competence in lower jaw remodeling of pre-metamorphic Xenopus laevis tadpoles., Mengeling BJ, Vetter LF, Furlow JD., PLoS One. April 13, 2022; 17 (4): e0266946.          

Resolving different presynaptic activity patterns within single olfactory glomeruli of Xenopus laevis larvae., Topci R, Alevra M, Rauf EHU, de Jong-Bolm D., Sci Rep. July 9, 2021; 11 (1): 14258.                              

A comparative genomic database of skeletogenesis genes: from fish to mammals., Nie CH, Zhang NA, Chen YL, Chen ZX, Wang GY, Li Q, Gao ZX., Comp Biochem Physiol Part D Genomics Proteomics. June 1, 2021; 38 100796.

Regeneration enhancers: Starting a journey to unravel regulatory events in tissue regeneration., Rodriguez AM, Kang J., Semin Cell Dev Biol. January 1, 2020;           

cAMP binds to closed, inactivated, and open sea urchin HCN channels in a state-dependent manner., Idikuda V, Gao W, Su Z, Liu Q, Zhou L., J Gen Physiol. February 4, 2019; 151 (2): 200-213.              

Annexin II Light Chain p11 Interacts With ENaC to Increase Functional Activity at the Membrane., Cheung TT, Ismail NAS, Moir R, Arora N, McDonald FJ, Condliffe SB., Front Physiol. February 1, 2019; 10 7.                

I spy with my little eye: a simple behavioral assay to test color sensitivity on digital displays., Knorr AG, Gravot CM, Gordy C, Glasauer S, Straka H., Biol Open. October 5, 2018; 7 (10):       

β1Pix exchange factor stabilizes the ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2 and plays a critical role in ENaC regulation by AMPK in kidney epithelial cells., Ho PY, Li H, Pavlov TS, Tuerk RD, Tabares D, Brunisholz R, Neumann D, Staruschenko A, Hallows KR., J Biol Chem. July 20, 2018; 293 (29): 11612-11624.

ZC4H2 stabilizes Smads to enhance BMP signalling, which is involved in neural development in Xenopus., Ma P, Ren B, Yang X, Sun B, Liu X, Kong Q, Li C, Mao B., Open Biol. August 1, 2017; 7 (8):                           

Pth4, an ancient parathyroid hormone lost in eutherian mammals, reveals a new brain-to-bone signaling pathway., Suarez-Bregua P, Torres-Nuñez E, Saxena A, Guerreiro P, Braasch I, Prober DA, Moran P, Cerda-Reverter JM, Du SJ, Adrio F, Power DM, Canario AV, Postlethwait JH, Bronner ME, Cañestro C, Rotllant J., FASEB J. February 1, 2017; 31 (2): 569-583.

Targeted integration of genes in Xenopus tropicalis., Shi Z, Tian D, Xin H, Lian J, Guo X, Chen Y., Genesis. January 1, 2017; 55 (1-2):     

ROMK expression remains unaltered in a mouse model of familial hyperkalemic hypertension caused by the CUL3Δ403-459 mutation., Murthy M, Kurz T, O'Shaughnessy KM., Physiol Rep. July 1, 2016; 4 (13):             

MPX-004 and MPX-007: New Pharmacological Tools to Study the Physiology of NMDA Receptors Containing the GluN2A Subunit., Volkmann RA, Fanger CM, Anderson DR, Sirivolu VR, Paschetto K, Gordon E, Virginio C, Gleyzes M, Buisson B, Steidl E, Mierau SB, Fagiolini M, Menniti FS., PLoS One. February 1, 2016; 11 (2): e0148129.              

Novel β-carbolines against colorectal cancer cell growth via inhibition of Wnt/β-catenin signaling., Li X, Bai B, Liu L, Ma P, Kong L, Yan J, Zhang J, Ye Z, Zhou H, Mao B, Zhu H, Li Y., Cell Death Discov. October 5, 2015; 1 15033.            

Monitoring of single-cell responses in the optic tectum of adult zebrafish with dextran-coupled calcium dyes delivered via local electroporation., Kassing V, Engelmann J, Kurtz R., PLoS One. May 7, 2013; 8 (5): e62846.              

Pax3 and Zic1 drive induction and differentiation of multipotent, migratory, and functional neural crest in Xenopus embryos., Milet C, Maczkowiak F, Roche DD, Monsoro-Burq AH., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 2, 2013; 110 (14): 5528-33.                      

A high-resolution multimode digital microscope system., Salmon ED, Shaw SL, Waters JC, Waterman-Storer CM, Maddox PS, Yeh E, Bloom K., Methods Cell Biol. January 1, 2013; 114 179-210.

Effects of fluoride on expression of bone-specific genes in developing Xenopus laevis larvae., Nair M, Belak ZR, Ovsenek N., Biochem Cell Biol. August 1, 2011; 89 (4): 377-86.

Comparative analysis of Erk phosphorylation suggests a mixed strategy for measuring phospho-form distributions., Prabakaran S, Everley RA, Landrieu I, Wieruszeski JM, Lippens G, Steen H, Gunawardena J., Mol Syst Biol. April 12, 2011; 7 482.            

Rare copy number variations in congenital heart disease patients identify unique genes in left-right patterning., Fakhro KA, Choi M, Ware SM, Belmont JW, Towbin JA, Lifton RP, Khokha MK, Brueckner M., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. February 15, 2011; 108 (7): 2915-20.                      

Long-distance signals are required for morphogenesis of the regenerating Xenopus tadpole tail, as shown by femtosecond-laser ablation., Mondia JP, Levin M, Omenetto FG, Orendorff RD, Branch MR, Adams DS., PLoS One. January 1, 2011; 6 (9): e24953.            

Multiple loss-of-function mechanisms contribute to SCN5A-related familial sick sinus syndrome., Gui J, Wang T, Jones RP, Trump D, Zimmer T, Lei M., PLoS One. June 7, 2010; 5 (6): e10985.              

Expression analysis of Runx3 and other Runx family members during Xenopus development., Park BY, Saint-Jeannet JP., Gene Expr Patterns. June 1, 2010; 10 (4-5): 159-66.                

The Na+-dependent chloride-bicarbonate exchanger SLC4A8 mediates an electroneutral Na+ reabsorption process in the renal cortical collecting ducts of mice., Leviel F, Hübner CA, Houillier P, Morla L, El Moghrabi S, Brideau G, Hassan H, Hatim H, Parker MD, Kurth I, Kougioumtzes A, Sinning A, Pech V, Riemondy KA, Miller RL, Hummler E, Shull GE, Aronson PS, Doucet A, Wall SM, Chambrey R, Eladari D., J Clin Invest. May 1, 2010; 120 (5): 1627-35.

Dual transcriptional regulation by runx2 of matrix Gla protein in Xenopus laevis., Fazenda C, Simões B, Kelsh RN, Cancela ML, Conceição N., Gene. January 15, 2010; 450 (1-2): 94-102.

Early cranial patterning in the direct-developing frog Eleutherodactylus coqui revealed through gene expression., Kerney R, Gross JB, Hanken J., Evol Dev. January 1, 2010; 12 (4): 373-82.

High-sensitivity real-time imaging of dual protein-protein interactions in living subjects using multicolor luciferases., Hida N, Awais M, Takeuchi M, Ueno N, Tashiro M, Takagi C, Singh T, Hayashi M, Ohmiya Y, Ozawa T., PLoS One. June 12, 2009; 4 (6): e5868.            

Dietary K regulates ROMK channels in connecting tubule and cortical collecting duct of rat kidney., Frindt G, Shah A, Edvinsson J, Palmer LG., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. February 1, 2009; 296 (2): F347-54.

Simultaneous dual-band ultra-high resolution full-field optical coherence tomography., Sacchet D, Moreau J, Georges P, Dubois A., Opt Express. November 24, 2008; 16 (24): 19434-46.

Skeletogenesis in Xenopus tropicalis: characteristic bone development in an anuran amphibian., Miura S, Hanaoka K, Togashi S., Bone. November 1, 2008; 43 (5): 901-9.

spib is required for primitive myeloid development in Xenopus., Costa RM, Soto X, Chen Y, Zorn AM, Amaya E., Blood. September 15, 2008; 112 (6): 2287-96.                                      

Surface expression of epithelial Na channel protein in rat kidney., Frindt G, Ergonul Z, Palmer LG., J Gen Physiol. June 1, 2008; 131 (6): 617-27.                            

Gene expression reveals unique skeletal patterning in the limb of the direct-developing frog, Eleutherodactylus coqui., Kerney R, Hanken J., Evol Dev. January 1, 2008; 10 (4): 439-48.

Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase reduces cell surface expression of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) in cultured collecting duct cells., Weixel KM, Edinger RS, Kester L, Guerriero CJ, Wang H, Fang L, Kleyman TR, Welling PA, Weisz OA, Johnson JP., J Biol Chem. December 14, 2007; 282 (50): 36534-42.

Runx2 is essential for larval hyobranchial cartilage formation in Xenopus laevis., Kerney R, Gross JB, Hanken J., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2007; 236 (6): 1650-62.                  

In vivo video-rate cellular-level full-field optical coherence tomography., Akiba M, Chan KP., J Biomed Opt. January 1, 2007; 12 (6): 064024.

Aquaporin-11: a channel protein lacking apparent transport function expressed in brain., Gorelick DA, Praetorius J, Tsunenari T, Nielsen S, Agre P., BMC Biochem. May 1, 2006; 7 14.              

Regulation of epithelial Na+ channels (ENaC) by methylation: a novel methyltransferase stimulates ENaC activity., Edinger RS, Yospin J, Perry C, Kleyman TR, Johnson JP., J Biol Chem. April 7, 2006; 281 (14): 9110-7.

PKA-dependent ENaC trafficking requires the SNARE-binding protein complexin., Butterworth MB, Frizzell RA, Johnson JP, Peters KW, Edinger RS., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. November 1, 2005; 289 (5): F969-77.

"Optical patch-clamping": single-channel recording by imaging Ca2+ flux through individual muscle acetylcholine receptor channels., Demuro A, Parker I., J Gen Physiol. September 1, 2005; 126 (3): 179-92.                    

Stroboscopic ultrahigh-resolution full-field optical coherence tomography., Moneron G, Boccara AC, Dubois A., Opt Lett. June 1, 2005; 30 (11): 1351-3.

Expression profile of Xenopus banded hedgehog, a homolog of mouse Indian hedgehog, is related to the late development of endochondral ossification in Xenopus laevis., Moriishi T, Shibata Y, Tsukazaki T, Yamaguchi A., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. March 25, 2005; 328 (4): 867-73.

Basolateral K+ conductance in principal cells of rat CCD., Gray DA, Frindt G, Zhang YY, Palmer LG., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. March 1, 2005; 288 (3): F493-504.

Inhibition of ROMK potassium channel by syntaxin 1A., Sun TJ, Zeng WZ, Huang CL., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. February 1, 2005; 288 (2): F284-9.

Regulation of sodium transport in mammalian collecting duct cells by aldosterone-induced kinase, SGK1: structure/function studies., Náray-Fejes-Tóth A, Helms MN, Stokes JB, Fejes-Tóth G., Mol Cell Endocrinol. March 31, 2004; 217 (1-2): 197-202.

Common-path interferometer for frequency-domain optical coherence tomography., Vakhtin AB, Kane DJ, Wood WR, Peterson KA., Appl Opt. December 1, 2003; 42 (34): 6953-8.

[The role of Smads and related transcription factors in the signal transduction of bone morphogenetic protein inducing bone formation]., Xu XL, Dai KR, Tang TT., Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi. September 1, 2003; 17 (5): 359-62.

Protein kinase C inhibits ROMK1 channel activity via a phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate-dependent mechanism., Zeng WZ, Li XJ, Hilgemann DW, Huang CL., J Biol Chem. May 9, 2003; 278 (19): 16852-6.

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