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Functional organization of vestibulospinal inputs on thoracic motoneurons responsible for trunk postural control in Xenopus., Olechowski-Bessaguet A, Grandemange R, Cardoit L, Courty E, Lambert FM, Le Ray D., J Physiol. February 1, 2020; 598 (4): 817-838.

Functional limb muscle innervation prior to cholinergic transmitter specification during early metamorphosis in Xenopus., Lambert FM, Cardoit L, Courty E, Bougerol M, Thoby-Brisson M, Simmers J, Tostivint H, Le Ray D., Elife. May 30, 2018; 7                     

Generation of BAC transgenic tadpoles enabling live imaging of motoneurons by using the urotensin II-related peptide (ust2b) gene as a driver., Bougerol M, Auradé F, Lambert FM, Le Ray D, Combes D, Thoby-Brisson M, Relaix F, Pollet N, Tostivint H., PLoS One. February 6, 2015; 10 (2): e0117370.                            

Vestibular lesion-induced developmental plasticity in spinal locomotor networks during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Beyeler A, Rao G, Ladepeche L, Jacques A, Simmers J, Le Ray D., PLoS One. August 12, 2013; 8 (8): e71013.                

Spinal efference copy signaling and gaze stabilization during locomotion in juvenile Xenopus frogs., von Uckermann G, Le Ray D, Combes D, Straka H, Simmers J., J Neurosci. March 6, 2013; 33 (10): 4253-64.

Opposing aminergic modulation of distinct spinal locomotor circuits and their functional coupling during amphibian metamorphosis., Rauscent A, Einum J, Le Ray D, Simmers J, Combes D., J Neurosci. January 28, 2009; 29 (4): 1163-74.

Metamorphosis-induced changes in the coupling of spinal thoraco-lumbar motor outputs during swimming in Xenopus laevis., Beyeler A, Metais C, Combes D, Simmers J, Le Ray D., J Neurophysiol. September 1, 2008; 100 (3): 1372-83.

An intrinsic feed-forward mechanism for vertebrate gaze stabilization., Combes D, Le Ray D, Lambert FM, Simmers J, Straka H., Curr Biol. March 25, 2008; 18 (6): R241-3.

Development and neuromodulation of spinal locomotor networks in the metamorphosing frog., Rauscent A, Le Ray D, Cabirol-Pol MJ, Sillar KT, Simmers J, Combes D., J Physiol Paris. January 1, 2006; 100 (5-6): 317-27.

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