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Perisynaptic Schwann Cells at the Neuromuscular Synapse: Adaptable, Multitasking Glial Cells., Ko CP, Robitaille R., Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. August 20, 2015; 7 (10): a020503.

Schwann cells promote synaptogenesis at the neuromuscular junction via transforming growth factor-beta1., Feng Z, Ko CP., J Neurosci. September 24, 2008; 28 (39): 9599-609.              

The role of glial cells in the formation and maintenance of the neuromuscular junction., Feng Z, Ko CP., Ann N Y Acad Sci. January 1, 2008; 1132 19-28.

Schwann cell-derived factors modulate synaptic activities at developing neuromuscular synapses., Cao G, Ko CP., J Neurosci. June 20, 2007; 27 (25): 6712-22.

Characterization of mouse organic anion transporter 5 as a renal steroid sulfate transporter., Kwak JO, Kim HW, Oh KJ, Ko CB, Park H, Cha SH., J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. December 1, 2005; 97 (4): 369-75.

Differential effects of neurotrophins and schwann cell-derived signals on neuronal survival/growth and synaptogenesis., Peng HB, Yang JF, Dai Z, Lee CW, Hung HW, Feng ZH, Ko CP., J Neurosci. June 15, 2003; 23 (12): 5050-60.

Xenopus hoxc8 during early development., Ko C, Chung HM., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. January 3, 2003; 300 (1): 9-15.            

Schwann cells express active agrin and enhance aggregation of acetylcholine receptors on muscle fibers., Yang JF, Cao G, Koirala S, Reddy LV, Ko CP., J Neurosci. December 15, 2001; 21 (24): 9572-84.

The role of perisynaptic Schwann cells in development of neuromuscular junctions in the frog (Xenopus laevis)., Herrera AA, Qiang H, Ko CP., J Neurobiol. December 1, 2000; 45 (4): 237-54.

Perisynaptic Schwann cells at neuromuscular junctions revealed by a novel monoclonal antibody., Astrow SH, Qiang H, Ko CP., J Neurocytol. September 1, 1998; 27 (9): 667-81.

Comparative effects of loratadine and terfenadine on cardiac K+ channels., Ducic I, Ko CM, Shuba Y, Morad M., J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. July 1, 1997; 30 (1): 42-54.

Suppression of mammalian K+ channel family by ebastine., Ko CM, Ducic I, Fan J, Shuba YM, Morad M., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. April 1, 1997; 281 (1): 233-44.

A Schwann cell matrix component of neuromuscular junctions and peripheral nerves., Astrow SH, Tyner TR, Nguyen MT, Ko CP., J Neurocytol. February 1, 1997; 26 (2): 63-75.

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