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Cdc42 Effector Protein 2 (XCEP2) is required for normal gastrulation and contributes to cellular adhesion in Xenopus laevis., Nelson KK, Nelson RW., BMC Dev Biol. October 8, 2004; 4 13.                  

A cell-free assay system for beta-catenin signaling that recapitulates direct inductive events in the early xenopus laevis embryo., Nelson RW, Gumbiner BM., J Cell Biol. October 18, 1999; 147 (2): 367-74.              

Beta-catenin directly induces expression of the Siamois gene, and can initiate signaling indirectly via a membrane-tethered form., Nelson RW, Gumbiner BM., Ann N Y Acad Sci. October 23, 1998; 857 86-98.

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