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Live imaging of targeted cell ablation in Xenopus: a new model to study demyelination and repair., Kaya F, Mannioui A, Chesneau A, Sekizar S, Maillard E, Ballagny C, Houel-Renault L, Dupasquier D, Bronchain O, Holtzmann I, Desmazieres A, Thomas JL, Demeneix BA, Brophy PJ, Zalc B, Mazabraud A., J Neurosci. September 12, 2012; 32 (37): 12885-95.          

Myogenic waves and myogenic programs during Xenopus embryonic myogenesis., Della Gaspera B, Armand AS, Sequeira I, Chesneau A, Mazabraud A, Lécolle S, Charbonnier F, Chanoine C., Dev Dyn. May 1, 2012; 241 (5): 995-1007.                                    

Reduced levels of survival motor neuron protein leads to aberrant motoneuron growth in a Xenopus model of muscular atrophy., Ymlahi-Ouazzani Q, J Bronchain O, Paillard E, Ballagny C, Chesneau A, Jadaud A, Mazabraud A, Pollet N., Neurogenetics. February 1, 2010; 11 (1): 27-40.  

Early aspects of gonadal sex differentiation in Xenopus tropicalis with reference to an antero-posterior gradient., El Jamil A, Magre S, Mazabraud A, Penrad-Mobayed M., J Exp Zool A Ecol Genet Physiol. March 1, 2008; 309 (3): 127-37.

Regulation of XSnail2 expression by Rho GTPases., Broders-Bondon F, Chesneau A, Romero-Oliva F, Mazabraud A, Mayor R, Thiery JP., Dev Dyn. September 1, 2007; 236 (9): 2555-66.    

Exploring nervous system transcriptomes during embryogenesis and metamorphosis in Xenopus tropicalis using EST analysis., Fierro AC, Thuret R, Coen L, Perron M, Demeneix BA, Wegnez M, Gyapay G, Weissenbach J, Wincker P, Mazabraud A, Pollet N., BMC Genomics. May 16, 2007; 8 118.        

tBid mediated activation of the mitochondrial death pathway leads to genetic ablation of the lens in Xenopus laevis., Du Pasquier D, Chesneau A, Ymlahi-Ouazzani Q, Boistel R, Pollet N, Ballagny C, Sachs LM, Demeneix B, Mazabraud A., Genesis. January 1, 2007; 45 (1): 1-10.            

Generation of trangenic Xenopus laevis using the Sleeping Beauty transposon system., Sinzelle L, Vallin J, Coen L, Chesneau A, Du Pasquier D, Pollet N, Demeneix B, Mazabraud A., Transgenic Res. December 1, 2006; 15 (6): 751-60.

Developmental cell death during Xenopus metamorphosis involves BID cleavage and caspase 2 and 8 activation., Du Pasquier D, Rincheval V, Sinzelle L, Chesneau A, Ballagny C, Sachs LM, Demeneix B, Mazabraud A., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2006; 235 (8): 2083-94.                  

Survivin increased vascular development during Xenopus ontogenesis., Du Pasquier D, Phung AC, Ymlahi-Ouazzani Q, Sinzelle L, Ballagny C, Bronchain O, Du Pasquier L, Mazabraud A., Differentiation. June 1, 2006; 74 (5): 244-53.              

Evi1 is specifically expressed in the distal tubule and duct of the Xenopus pronephros and plays a role in its formation., Van Campenhout C, Nichane M, Antoniou A, Pendeville H, Bronchain OJ, Marine JC, Mazabraud A, Voz ML, Bellefroid EJ., Dev Biol. June 1, 2006; 294 (1): 203-19.                

The mariner transposons belonging to the irritans subfamily were maintained in chordate genomes by vertical transmission., Sinzelle L, Chesneau A, Bigot Y, Mazabraud A, Pollet N., J Mol Evol. January 1, 2006; 62 (1): 53-65.

Insights from Xenopus genomes., Pollet N, Mazabraud A., Genome Dyn. January 1, 2006; 2 138-153.

Phylogenomic analysis and expression patterns of large Maf genes in Xenopus tropicalis provide new insights into the functional evolution of the gene family in osteichthyans., Coolen M, Sii-Felice K, Bronchain O, Mazabraud A, Bourrat F, Rétaux S, Felder-Schmittbuhl MP, Mazan S, Plouhinec JL., Dev Genes Evol. July 1, 2005; 215 (7): 327-39.

Characterization of multiple lineages of Tc1-like elements within the genome of the amphibian Xenopus tropicalis., Sinzelle L, Pollet N, Bigot Y, Mazabraud A., Gene. April 11, 2005; 349 187-96.

Xenopus Bcl-X(L) selectively protects Rohon-Beard neurons from metamorphic degeneration., Coen L, du Pasquier D, Le Mevel S, Brown S, Tata J, Mazabraud A, Demeneix BA., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 3, 2001; 98 (14): 7869-74.

Differential expression of nucleoside diphosphate kinases (NDPK/NM23) during Xenopus early development., Ouatas T, Sélo M, Sadji Z, Hourdry J, Denis H, Mazabraud A., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 1998; 42 (1): 43-52.              

Three different genes encode NM23/nucleoside diphosphate kinases in Xenopus laevis., Ouatas T, Abdallah B, Gasmi L, Bourdais J, Postel E, Mazabraud A., Gene. July 31, 1997; 194 (2): 215-25.

Thyroid hormone regulation of germ cell-specific EF-1 alpha expression during metamorphosis of Xenopus laevis., Abdallah B, Sachs L, Hourdry J, Wegnez M, Denis H, Demeneix B, Mazabraud A., Int J Dev Biol. April 1, 1996; 40 (2): 507-14.      

Molecular cloning of Xenopus elongation factor 1 gamma, major M-phase promoting factor substrate., Cormier P, Osborne HB, Morales J, Bassez T, Poulhe R, Mazabraud A, Mulner-Lorillon O, Bellé R., Nucleic Acids Res. December 11, 1991; 19 (23): 6644.

The genes encoding the major 42S storage particle proteins are expressed in male and female germ cells of Xenopus laevis., Abdallah B, Hourdry J, Deschamps S, Denis H, Mazabraud A., Development. November 1, 1991; 113 (3): 851-6.        

Germ cell-specific expression of a gene encoding eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha (eEF-1 alpha) and generation of eEF-1 alpha retropseudogenes in Xenopus laevis., Abdallah B, Hourdry J, Krieg PA, Denis H, Mazabraud A., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. October 15, 1991; 88 (20): 9277-81.

Two forms of elongation factor 1 alpha (EF-1 alpha O and 42Sp50), present in oocytes, but absent in somatic cells of Xenopus laevis., Deschamps S, Morales J, Mazabraud A, le Maire M, Denis H, Brown DD., J Cell Biol. September 1, 1991; 114 (6): 1109-11.

Structural and functional properties of thesaurin a (42Sp50), the major protein of the 42 S particles present in Xenopus laevis previtellogenic oocytes., Viel A, le Maire M, Philippe H, Morales J, Mazabraud A, Denis H., J Biol Chem. June 5, 1991; 266 (16): 10392-9.

Three genes under different developmental control encode elongation factor 1-alpha in Xenopus laevis., Djé MK, Mazabraud A, Viel A, le Maire M, Denis H, Crawford E, Brown DD., Nucleic Acids Res. June 25, 1990; 18 (12): 3489-93.

Biochemical research on oogenesis. RNA accumulation in the oocytes of the newt Pleurodeles waltl., Van den Eynde H, Mazabraud A, Denis H., Development. May 1, 1989; 106 (1): 11-6.

Thesaurin a, the major protein of Xenopus laevis previtellogenic oocytes, present in the 42 S particles, is homologous to elongation factor EF-1 alpha., Viel A, Djé MK, Mazabraud A, Denis H, le Maire M., FEBS Lett. November 2, 1987; 223 (2): 232-6.

Structure and transcription termination of a lysine tRNA gene from Xenopus laevis., Mazabraud A, Scherly D, Müller F, Rungger D, Clarkson SG., J Mol Biol. June 20, 1987; 195 (4): 835-45.

DNA conformation and transcription initiation of eukaryotic tRNA genes., Hipskind RA, Mazabraud A, Corlet J, Clarkson SG., Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. January 1, 1983; 47 Pt 2 873-8.

The nucleotide sequence of phenylalanine tRNA of Xenopus laevis., Mazabraud A., Biochimie. October 1, 1982; 64 (10): 955-60.

Biochemical research on oogenesis. Nucleotide sequence of initiator tRNA from oocytes and from somatic cells of Xenopus laevis., Wegnez M, Mazabraud A, Denis H, Pétrissant G, Boisnard M., Eur J Biochem. December 1, 1975; 60 (1): 295-302.

Biochemical research on oogenesis. Comparison between transfer RNAs from somatic cells and from oocytes in Xenopus laevis., Denis H, Mazabraud A, Wegnez M., Eur J Biochem. October 1, 1975; 58 (1): 43-50.

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