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Studies of Limb Regeneration in Larval Xenopus., Mescher AL, Neff AW., Cold Spring Harb Protoc. April 1, 2019; 2019 (4):

Inflammation and immunity in organ regeneration., Mescher AL, Neff AW, King MW., Dev Comp Immunol. January 1, 2017; 66 98-110.

Changes in the inflammatory response to injury and its resolution during the loss of regenerative capacity in developing Xenopus limbs., Mescher AL, Neff AW, King MW., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (11): e80477.          

The developing Xenopus limb as a model for studies on the balance between inflammation and regeneration., King MW, Neff AW, Mescher AL., Anat Rec (Hoboken). October 1, 2012; 295 (10): 1552-61.

Dedifferentiation and the role of sall4 in reprogramming and patterning during amphibian limb regeneration., Neff AW, King MW, Mescher AL., Dev Dyn. May 1, 2011; 240 (5): 979-89.  

RNA helicase Ddx39 is expressed in the developing central nervous system, limb, otic vesicle, branchial arches and facial mesenchyme of Xenopus laevis., Wilson JM, Martinez-De Luna RI, Hodiri HM, Smith R, King MW, Mescher AL, Neff AW, Belecky-Adams TL., Gene Expr Patterns. January 1, 2010; 10 (1): 44-52.          

Proteomics analysis of regenerating amphibian limbs: changes during the onset of regeneration., King MW, Neff AW, Mescher AL., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2009; 53 (7): 955-69.

Neural MMP-28 expression precedes myelination during development and peripheral nerve repair., Werner SR, Mescher AL, Neff AW, King MW, Chaturvedi S, Duffin KL, Harty MW, Smith RC., Dev Dyn. October 1, 2007; 236 (10): 2852-64.              

Cells of cutaneous immunity in Xenopus: studies during larval development and limb regeneration., Mescher AL, Wolf WL, Moseman EA, Hartman B, Harrison C, Nguyen E, Neff AW., Dev Comp Immunol. January 1, 2007; 31 (4): 383-93.  

Global analysis of gene expression in Xenopus hindlimbs during stage-dependent complete and incomplete regeneration., Grow M, Neff AW, Mescher AL, King MW., Dev Dyn. October 1, 2006; 235 (10): 2667-85.  

Expression of Xenopus XlSALL4 during limb development and regeneration., Neff AW, King MW, Harty MW, Nguyen T, Calley J, Smith RC, Mescher AL., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2005; 233 (2): 356-67.                  

Effects of fluoride on Xenopus embryo development., Goh EH, Neff AW., Food Chem Toxicol. November 1, 2003; 41 (11): 1501-8.

Identification of genes expressed during Xenopus laevis limb regeneration by using subtractive hybridization., King MW, Nguyen T, Calley J, Harty MW, Muzinich MC, Mescher AL, Chalfant C, N'Cho M, McLeaster K, McEntire J, Stocum D, Smith RC, Neff AW., Dev Dyn. February 1, 2003; 226 (2): 398-409.

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of crocetin on Xenopus., Martin G, Goh E, Neff AW., Food Chem Toxicol. July 1, 2002; 40 (7): 959-64.

Human truncated Smad 6 (Smad 6s) inhibits the BMP pathway in Xenopus laevis., Krishnan P, King MW, Neff AW, Sandusky GE, Bierman KL, Grinnell B, Smith RC., Dev Growth Differ. April 1, 2001; 43 (2): 115-32.

Anterior structural defects by misexpression of Xgbx-2 in early Xenopus embryos are associated with altered expression of cell adhesion molecules., King MW, Ndiema M, Neff AW., Dev Dyn. August 1, 1998; 212 (4): 563-79.

Autonomous neural axis formation by ectopic expression of the protooncogene c-ski., Amaravadi LS, Neff AW, Sleeman JP, Smith RC., Dev Biol. December 15, 1997; 192 (2): 392-404.              

Optomotor behaviour in Xenopus laevis tadpoles as a measure of the effect of gravity on visual and vestibular neural integration., Pronych SP, Souza KA, Neff AW, Wassersug RJ., J Exp Biol. December 1, 1996; 199 (Pt 12): 2689-701.

Cardiac myosin heavy chain expression during heart development in Xenopus laevis., Cox WG, Neff AW., Differentiation. April 1, 1995; 58 (4): 269-80.                

Cloning and expression of the axolotl proto-oncogene ski., Ludolph DC, Neff AW, Parker MA, Mescher AL, Smith RC, Malacinski GM., Biochim Biophys Acta. January 2, 1995; 1260 (1): 102-4.

Overexpression of XMyoD or XMyf5 in Xenopus embryos induces the formation of enlarged myotomes through recruitment of cells of nonsomitic lineage., Ludolph DC, Neff AW, Mescher AL, Malacinski GM, Parker MA, Smith RC., Dev Biol. November 1, 1994; 166 (1): 18-33.                              

The location of the third cleavage plane of Xenopus embryos partitions morphogenetic information in animal quartets., Chung HM, Yokota H, Dent A, Malacinski GM, Neff AW., Int J Dev Biol. September 1, 1994; 38 (3): 421-8.

Early development of Xenopus embryos is affected by simulated gravity., Yokota H, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1994; 14 (8): 249-55.

Early amphibian (anuran) morphogenesis is sensitive to novel gravitational fields., Neff AW, Yokota H, Chung HM, Wakahara M, Malacinski GM., Dev Biol. January 1, 1993; 155 (1): 270-4.

Altering the position of the first horizontal cleavage furrow of the amphibian (Xenopus) egg reduces embryonic survival., Yokota H, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., Int J Dev Biol. December 1, 1992; 36 (4): 527-35.

Understanding the organization of the amphibian egg cytoplasm: gravitational force as a probe., Neff AW, Wakahara M, Yokota H, Malacinski GM., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1992; 12 (1): 175-80.

Bifurcation of the amphibian embryo's axis: analysis of variation in response to egg centrifugation., Neff AW, Wakahara M, Malacinski GM., Int J Dev Biol. December 1, 1990; 34 (4): 391-8.

Autonomous death of amphibian (Xenopus laevis) cranial myotomes., Chung HM, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., J Exp Zool. September 1, 1989; 251 (3): 290-9.

Developmental histories in amphibian myogenesis., Radice GP, Neff AW, Shim YH, Brustis JJ, Malacinski GM., Int J Dev Biol. September 1, 1989; 33 (3): 325-43.

Developmental biology in outer space: spaceflight provides the opportunity for new studies., Malacinski GM, Neff AW, Alberts JR, Souza KA., Bioscience. May 1, 1989; 39 (5): 314-20.

Amphibian (urodele) myotomes display transitory anterior/posterior and medial/lateral differentiation patterns., Neff AW, Malacinski GM, Chung HM., Dev Biol. April 1, 1989; 132 (2): 529-43.  

Subcellular components of the amphibian egg: insights provided by gravitational studies., Neff AW, Ritzenthaler JD, Rosenbaum JF., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1989; 9 (11): 177-86.

The amphibian egg as a model system for analyzing gravity effects., Malacinski GM, Neff AW., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1989; 9 (11): 169-76.

Accumulation, organization and deployment of oogenetically derived Xenopus yolk/nonyolk proteins., Smith RC, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., J Embryol Exp Morphol. October 1, 1986; 97 Suppl 45-64.

Organisation of Xenopus egg cytoplasm: response to simulated microgravity., Smith RC, Neff AW., J Exp Zool. September 1, 1986; 239 (3): 365-78.

Effects of gravity perturbation on developing animal systems., Malacinski GM, Neff AW., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1986; 6 (12): 29-36.

Amphibian egg cytoplasm response to altered g-forces and gravity orientation., Neff AW, Smith RC, Malacinski GM., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1986; 6 (12): 21-8.

Use of the fluorochrome propidium iodide for the identification of Xenopus germ plasm during immunofluorescence studies., Smith RC, Neff AW., Anat Rec. December 1, 1985; 213 (4): 518-9, 536-7.

Response of amphibian egg non-yolk cytoplasm to gravity orientation., Smith RC, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., Physiologist. December 1, 1985; 28 (6 Suppl): S91-2.

Microgravity simulation as a probe for understanding early Xenopus pattern specification., Neff AW, Malacinski GM, Chung HM., J Embryol Exp Morphol. October 1, 1985; 89 259-74.

Topology of the germ plasm and development of primordial germ cells in inverted amphibian eggs., Wakahara M, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., Differentiation. May 1, 1984; 26 (3): 203-10.

Experimental analyses of cytoplasmic rearrangements which follow fertilization and accompany symmetrization of inverted Xenopus eggs., Neff AW, Wakahara M, Jurand A, Malacinski GM., J Embryol Exp Morphol. April 1, 1984; 80 197-224.

Delayed fertilization of anuran amphibian (Xenopus) eggs leads to reduced numbers of primordial germ cells., Wakahara M, Neff AW, Malacinski GM., Gamete Res. January 1, 1984; 9 (4): 361-73.

Influence of clinostat rotation on fertilized amphibian egg pattern specification., Neff AW, Smith RC, Chung HM, Malacinski GM., Physiologist. January 1, 1984; 27 (6 Suppl): S139-40.

The influence of gravity on the process of development of animal systems., Malacinski GM, Neff AW., Adv Space Res. January 1, 1984; 4 (12): 315-23.

Pattern formation in amphibian embryos prevented from undergoing the classical "rotation response" to egg activation., Neff AW, Malacinski GM, Wakahara M, Jurand A., Dev Biol. May 1, 1983; 97 (1): 103-12.

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