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Phase III interlaboratory study of FETAX, Part 2: interlaboratory validation of an exogenous metabolic activation system for frog embryo teratogenesis assay--Xenopus (FETAX)., Fort DJ, Stover EL, Bantle JA, Rayburn JR, Hull MA, Finch RA, Burton DT, Turley SD, Dawson DA, Linder G, Buchwalter D, Dumont JN, Kumsher-King M, Gaudet-Hull AM., Drug Chem Toxicol. February 1, 1998; 21 (1): 1-14.

FETAX interlaboratory validation study: phase III--Part 1 testing., Bantle JA, Finch RA, Burton DT, Fort DJ, Dawson DA, Linder G, Rayburn JR, Hull M, Kumsher-King M, Gaudet-Hull AM, Turley SD., J Appl Toxicol. January 1, 1996; 16 (6): 517-28.

Initial interlaboratory validation study of FETAX: phase I testing., Bantle JA, Burton DT, Dawson DA, Dumont JN, Finch RA, Fort DJ, Linder G, Rayburn JR, Buchwalter D, Maurice MA., J Appl Toxicol. January 1, 1994; 14 (3): 213-23.

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