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Profile Publications (68)
Name: Jean-Pierre Saint-Jeannet
Position: Professor
Research Description:
At the end of gastrulation, the ectoderm of the vertebrate embryo can be divided into three major domains: the non-neural ectoderm and the neural plate separated by a region known as the neural plate border. While the non-neural ectoderm and neural plate develop into epidermis and central nervous system, respectively, the neural plate border gives rise to the neural crest and the pre-placodal ectoderm. In the head region the neural crest contributes cartilages and bones to the face, and the pre-placodal ectoderm segregates into cranial sensory placodes that form the paired sense organs (nose, ear and lens). Both cell populations also contribute to the cephalic peripheral nervous system (cranial ganglia). Using Xenopus as a model system, our laboratory studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling the development of the neural crest and cranial placodes.

Lab Memberships

Saint-Jeannet Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

New York University
College of Dentistry
Department of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
345 E. 24th Street, 1005S
New York, NY
10010-4086, USA

Web Page:
Personal Phone:  215-869-7250
Phone:  212-998-9978