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Name: Dr. Agustin Luz Madrigal
Position: Postdoc
Research Description:
Agustin received his B.A. in Pharmaceutical Biological Chemistry and his PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Institute of Cellular Physiology from the National University of Mexico in 2009. He had a position as Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Biology and Center for Visual Sciences at Miami University, Oxford, OH and Department of Biology at University of Dayton, OH. His postdoc projects focused on retina regeneration and eye development particularly cell reprogramming and chromatin reorganization using the chick embryo as a model. Agustin joined Zorn Lab in February 2018 as a Research Associate, to study the epigenetic role of retinoic acid during posterior and anterior foregut development including the role of DNA methylation. In addition, he uses Xenopus laevis as a model for screening of molecules including transcription factors that regulate the respiratory fate.

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Zorn Lab (Post-doc)

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