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Name: Qin Li
Position: Postdoctoral Scholar
Research Description:
The placenta is one of the defining characteristics of placental mammals. It is also a novel and recent evolution event occurring in eutherians and marsupials. My research currently uses functional and comparative genomic approaches to investigate the genetic networks of eutherians and marsupials placenta. I am mostly interested in identifying genomic milestones in the evolution events of placenta, such as novel genes/pathways, genomic variation, etc. I am also interested in the polyploidy nature of Xenopus laevis genome. Although polyploidy is widespread in plant kingdom, it is relatively rare amongst animals. X. laevis is an ideal model system to study the regulatory network of allotetraploid genome, in hopes of understanding the specific roles of sub-genomes throughout development stages of germ cells.

Lab Memberships

Baker Lab (Post-doc)

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