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Profile Publications (16)
Name: Andrew D. Chalmers
Position: Research Scientist & Group Leader
Research Description:
Current research

Epithelial cells are found in many of our organs including the lungs, intestines, pancreas and prostate. Our goal is to understand the regulation of these cells, as around 80% of tumours arise from epithelial cells.

We are specifically interested in exploring the relationships that exist between the regulation of cell fate, cell polarity and cell proliferation in normal and cancerous epithelial cells.

CiteAb - Antibody search tool

We are also developing CiteAb a publication based antibody search tool that helps researchers find antibodies suitable for their research. Users can search more than 400,000 antibodies, filter results based on application and species reactivity, and then link to the antibody supplier’s website for further details. Our aim is to promote research by making this the world’s best antibody search tool.

Lab Memberships

Chalmers Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Department of Biology and Biochemistry
University of Bath
BA2 7AY, United Kingdom

Web Page: