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Name: Dr. Garry P. Scarlett
Position: Associate Head (Innovation)
Research Description:
The main focus of the Scarlett lab research is the role of unusual nucleic acid structures in gene regulation. My lab makes use of the popular model system Xenopus laevis and employs a wide range of genetic, biochemical and biophysical assays. The lab is currently studying the role of A-form DNA in transcriptional control. My lab is also interested genetic zooarchaeology and collaborates with a number of organisations to better help understand the development of domesticated animals through history.

Lab Memberships

Scarlett Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Biophysics Laboratories,
Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences
University of Portsmouth
United Kingdom

Web Page:
General/Lab Phone:  +44 131 650 7005