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Profile Publications (43)
Name: Muriel Perron
Position: Scientist
Research Description:
Our group is interested in mechanisms sustaining development of the nervous system and adult neurogenesis, with the retina as our principal model. The retina is indeed a model system for developmental neurobiologists, essentially because of its laminated structure with a limited number of neuron types and its accessibility.

Our key questions are : How proliferation and fate of neural precursors are controlled during embryonic retinogenesis ? What are the molecular mechanisms sustaining neural stem cell activity at post-embryonic stages ? How retinal stem cells participate in the repair of damaged retina ?

Lab Memberships

CNRS UMR 8080 (Research Associate/Assistant)
Perron Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Ecole des Neuroscience
Laboratoire d'Embryologie Moleculaire et Experimentale
Universite PARIS XI
91405, France

Web Page:
Phone:  331 69157225
Fax:  331 69156802