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Name: Dr. Harold H Zakon
Position: Professor
Research Description:
I study gene evolution especially those pertaining to the nervous system.

 Our lab studies the function and regulation of voltage-dependent ion channels using electric fish as our model organism. Electric fish generate weak electric fields as communication signals. These are produced by electric organs, which are evolution-arily and embryonically derived from muscle. The electric organ discharge (EOD) varies across species, is sexually dimorphic and individually distinct, is influenced by social factors, and may show circadian variations. Because EOD waveform must be so finely tuned in all these ways, the ionic currents of electrocytes are under exquisite regulatory control. These discharges can be easily recorded in freely behaving animals. Thus, we can essentially study dynamic biophyscial events in excitable membranes from the level of freely behaving animals to the level of the ion channels themselves. 

Dr. Zakon is a professor in the School of Biological Sciences, Section of Neurobiology, UT Austin.

Contact Information

78712, USA

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