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Name: Praneet Chaturvedi
Position: Senior Analyst, Bioinformatics
Research Description:
Praneet received his Master’s in Bioinformatics from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (US) in 2015. From then, Praneet has been working as a Bioinformatician for the Division of Developmental Biology at Cincinnati Children’s. Praneet has a wide range of experience in bioinformatics, specializing in genomics. Praneet has vested experience in developing, maintaining and optimizing workflows for NGS datasets. He also has experience in tool development and is developer of Computational Suite for Bioinformaticians and Biologists. Along with the above, Praneet works closely with principal investigators and help them in their research and grants by developing customized bioinformatics solutions and result inference.

Lab Memberships

Zorn Lab (Programmer/Bioinformatician, Alumni)

Contact Information

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