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Profile Publications (4)
Name: Dr. Heather J Ray
Position: Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology
Research Description:
The process of embryonic development, encompassing the time from fertilized egg to birth, is a beautiful and complex series of intricately coordinated events. My research interests lie in uncovering the molecular events that drive this process. In particular, I focus on development of cell populations (neural ectoderm and neural crest) that arise during neurulation, the time when the central nervous system takes its shape. This time in development is highly sensitive to both genetic and environmental perturbations and indeed, disruption in the development of the neural ectoderm and neural crest lead to a large proportion of the total birth defects that occur in the United States and across the world. By identifying how these tissues develop at the molecular level, we not only learn the fundamental biology of normal developmental processes, but learn about how specific genetic mutations identified in patients can lead to the appearance of birth defects.

Lab Memberships

Chang Lab (Post-doc, Alumni)

Contact Information

Department of Biological Sciences
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID
83209, USA

Web Page:
General/Lab Phone:  205-975-7239