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Profile Publications (17)
Name: Dr. Francesca M Spagnoli
Position: Head of Group
Research Description:
The Spagnoli lab studies the mechanisms regulating cell identity and plasticity of key metabolic organs, such as the pancreas and the liver. We use a combination of genetic approaches with genomic strategies and imaging in mouse embryos and human stem cells to study how distinct cell types, such as liver and pancreas, arise from common progenitors and acquire specialized shape to form functional organs.

The lab. is coordinating a multi-disciplinary FET European consortium with the ambitious goal of developing an innovative bio-engineering approach for generating pancreatic tissue. Tissues and organs comprise multiple cell types with specific biological functions that must be recapitulated in engineered tissue. We will biomimic developmental processes to fabricate 3D pancreatic tissue units that allow sustained cell viability, expansion and functional differentiation ex vivo.

Lab Memberships

Spagnoli Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Centre for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
at King’s College London
United Kingdom

Web Page:
Phone:  9406-2553