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Profile Publications (17)
Name: Lin Gufa
Position: Professor
Research Description:
Some vertebrate animals, mainly amphibians, have remarkable but poorly understood capacity of regenerating body parts. Understanding of the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms of regeneration in these animals could pave the way for inducing regeneration in humans. 
Research in our group focus on establishing approaches to stimulate regeneration in mammals based on our understanding of normal regeneration in amphibians. We are using the salamander axolotls and the African clawed frog Xenopus to study regeneration of the limb, the tail and other organs such as the skin. We are also using chick and mouse for exploring methods to stimulate regeneration, such as by transplantation of progenitor cells that can be generated from pluripotent stem cells (PSC). For this purpose we are also interested in the differentiation of various cell types from PSCs.

Contact Information

Tongji University
239 Siping Rd, Yangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

Phone:  6126250964