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Garland Science Publisher
GAS NIH HHS Granting Agency NIHs National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Gauthier-Villars, Publisher
GE Healthcare / Dharmacon RNAi and Gene Expression University
Gene Ontology Consortium University
GeneTex Company
Genetics Society Of America Publisher The Genetics Society of America publishes two scholarly journals: GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics. Both journals are run by scientists, for scientists, and embody the principles of peer-editing, where every editor who makes a decision on manuscripts submitted to GENETICS and to G3 is a practicing scientist. The journals support the mission of GSA, offering two distinct scholarly platforms for the communication of high-quality, original genetics research and key foundational discoveries. As sister journals, GENETICS and G3 are uniquely positioned to publish blocks of related articles, including the Mouse Collaborative Cross and Genomic Selection, with additional such projects in the works, including the Genetics of Immunity. With over 160 editors and two editorial boards between them, and with broad and deep community ties, GENETICS and G3 are well-positioned as leaders in collaborative science. Although the scope and mission of each journal are distinct, both GENETICS and G3 provide clear, fair decisions on submitted manuscripts in around a month. And both journals are committed to open access to data c with the guiding principle of making geneticists' work accessible and available to the community, recording scientific progress and catalyzing further advances. Article-level links to model organism databases further increase article impact. Publication of data, ideas, and conclusions is the bedrock of science. The GSA Journals believe that practicing scientists must play a central role in that process. Many journals will publish primary research papers, but few carry the imprimatur of an organization of peers with a long history of supporting and promoting the discipline. The Genetics Society of America has an illustrious record in scientific publishing with its groundbreaking journal GENETICS, the first American journal of genetics, established in 1916 by the founders of our field. G3, as a sister journal of GENETICS, continues the tradition of science run by scientists. Also published by the Genetics Society of America, G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics is an open access journal that meets the critical and growing need of the genetics community for rapid review and publication of important results in all areas of genetics. The journal offers the opportunity to publish puzzling findings and useful results without a requirement that they be high-impact. G3 is published monthly, online.
Genetics Society Of America, University Drawing upon its 5,000 members across a variety of sub-disciplines and experimental systems, the Genetics Society of America (GSA) serves as the collective voice of the genetics community. Government policies have a significant impact on research, research training, and scholarly publishing. As a result, outreach to and communication with the public and the officials they elect, and with the government agencies that fund research, is a crucial part of the services GSA provides its members. Among our policy priorities are enhanced support for scientific research, with a particular focus on basic research and the use of model systems for conducting fundamental and applied research. We seek to engage individual members of GSA and the genetics community to help amplify the voice of GSA on issues of concern. Members are encouraged to join in GSA activities and to join the grassroots efforts of our policy partners.
Genetics Society Of Canada University The Genetics Society of Canada is mergied with The Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology in 2013. By being a member of CSMB (formerly CSBMCB), you will participate in building a strong community of scientists within Canada. This community plays an important role to foster interaction, communication and collaboration amongst discovery scientists, as well as build the next generation of researchers for academia, industry and the entrepreneurial enterprise.
Genomics England Research Consortium Non-Governmental Organization Powering genomic medicine, together We partner with the NHS to provide whole genome sequencing diagnostics. We also equip researchers to find the causes of disease and develop new treatments – with patients and participants at the heart of it all.
Genway Company Biotech supplier
Genève, Switzerland : Inderscience, [2005]- Publisher
Georg Thieme Verlag Publisher
Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart, New York Publisher
Georg Thieme Verlag, Publisher
George Thieme Publisher
Gordon and Breach Science Publishers Publisher
Govi-Verlag Pharmazautischer Verlag Publisher
Greene Pub. Associates ; Wiley-Interscience Publisher
Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital Foundation Government Orgnization
Guangdong-Dongguan Joint Research Scheme Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Program Government Orgnization The Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong province initiated the pGuangdong-Hong Kong and Guangdong-Macao joint research program to support joint R&D projects and industrialization cooperation in the fields of new generation of information technology, semiconductor and integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, blockchain and fintech, biomedicine and health, new materials, new energy, intelligent robots and high-end equipment manufacturing, etc.
Gustav Fischer Verlag Publisher

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