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Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica (FONCYT)


We manage the application of the National Treasury's budget resources from external credit operations and international cooperation, with the aim of financing research projects, within the framework of the plans and programs established for the science and technology sector. Our mission is to support projects and activities whose purpose is the generation of new scientific, technological and innovative knowledge - both in basic and applied topics - developed by researchers belonging to public and private non-profit institutions based in the country. Goals: Strengthen and consolidate the scientific knowledge fund of the National Innovation System (SIN). Increase the quantity and quality of Human Resources in R&D. Improve the scientific infrastructure of the National Innovation System (SIN). Promote the formation of knowledge networks. Our main responsibility is to administer subsidies intended to finance research projects through the development of the following activities: Carry out public and open competitions for research projects and other scientific and technological development programs within the framework of the National Multiannual Plan for Science and Technology. Establishes and disseminates the bases of calls and the results of project financing. Implement strict, rigorous and transparent evaluation mechanisms. It stimulates the formulation of projects aimed at establishing or increasing cooperation between work groups located in different areas of the country. Coordinates the evaluation of joint projects (developed by Argentine and foreign researchers) submitted to calls made within the framework of agreements of the Directorate of Institutional Cooperation and Integration of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.


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