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Zhejiang Province Key R&D Program


China’s National Key R&D Programmes (NKPs) are a new category of projects created after the 2014 reform of the national STI funding system. They have incorporated numerous previously-existing programmes such as MOST’s “863 Programme” for R&D, “Programme 973” for basic research, Key Technologies R&D Programme, and International S&T Cooperation Programme; and NDRC and MIIT’s Industrial Technology R&D Fund. China’s National Key R&D Programmes support R&D in areas of social welfare and people’s livelihood, such as agriculture, energy and resources, environment, and health. They focus in particular on key and strategic technologies, featuring several well-targeted and defined objectives and deliverables to be achieved in a period ranging from three to five years, and reflecting a top-down and industry-university-research cooperation design which integrates basic research, technology application, demonstration and commercialisation.


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