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MBL International Corp.


MBL International Corporation (MBLI) MBL International Corporation (MBLI) is a leading life science company focused on providing solutions for researchers in the life sciences, drug discovery and development and clinical diagnostics fields. Our special emphasis is on immunology, immuno-oncology, oncology and autoimmune disease areas. As a JSR Life Sciences Company, MBLI is committed to improve the probability of success, decrease timelines, and increase the efficacy of biologics-based therapies for the benefit of patients. Our products are used widely in academic research and medical institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies as well as hospital and reference laboratories. We are focused on developing high quality products and have high standards for quality control in our manufacturing process. Our products include MHC monomers and multimers, antibodies, recombinant proteins, fluorescent proteins, and ELISA kits.


Web Page:

Phone: 1-800-200-5459 ext. 8

Phone: 1-800-200-5459 ext. 8