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EcoCyte Biosciences


Ecocyte Bioscience offers a weekly delivery service of Xenopus laevis oocytes for expression studies. Our goal is to help your lab streamline your internal processes and spend more time researching and less time preparing . We have 300+ customers in Europe and 500+ customers in the USA and Canada. Our service is: Time effective: Fast and reliable – overnight delivery; you order until 10:00 am on Monday or Thursday, you get the oocytes unitl 12:00 am next day (exceptions by state). Quality effective: Continuous quality – due to optimized procedures Ecocyte guarantees similar quality of oocytes from batch to batch; stop quality changes due to preparation variabilities, non optimized animal facility properties or seasonal changes. Cost effective: no payments for animal facility, employees for animal care and preparation; no costs in times you are not using oocytes; calculate your research costs only basis of research; plan your budgets correctly. Work effective: no paper work for applications for animal experiments necessary; set your order easily via email, fax or phone; do not waste students or PHD’s for work on Xenopus. Space effective: no additional room for animal care and preparation; use your rooms for more science. Animal effective: Ecocyte serves very economically between 10 and 20 research groups from one Xenopus preparation; stop doing a preparation for only 50 or 100 oocytes the week; let’s reduce lab animals substantially. We guarantee highest oocyte quality and on time delivery. Our oocytes are defolliculated and are ready to use for mRNA or cDNA injections.


Austin, Texas

Web Page:

Email: (Europe) (US and Canada)

Phone: +49-231-17728540

Fax: +1-512-215-0770