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Finnish Medical Society Duodecim


The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim Duodecim is a scientific society with almost 90% of Finnish doctors and medical students, altogether over 20 000, as members. In 131 years the Society has grown from the initial group of 12 (duodecim = 12 in latin) medical students, struggling to improve the standing of the Finnish language in medicine, to a major organization that plays an important role in national health care. The Society takes responsibility for the continuous professional development of doctors. The cornerstone activities include publishing the most important scientific medical journal in the Finnish language and extensive educational programmes with yearly medical conventions in all five cities with a medical faculty. The Society also evaluates continuous medical education and supports research through its own research foundation. Cooperation with different organizations and officials in the field of medicine is central to the activities of Duodecim. The Society forms a meeting place where various activities that serve the medical profession and health care are carried out. Consensus meetings and national clinical guidelines are examples of such activities. Duodecim also promotes public discussion on prioritisation and ethics in medicine. Much of the work is carried our by enthusiastic volunteers. Duodecim serves also the general public by distributing information through its own news and information service and Internet portal and by publishing a lay health journal. The aim of all activities is to improve the health of the people, mainly by providing them medical knowledge at all levels of education. Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. carries out the Society's mission to publish medical information. The company is the leading Finnish publisher in the field of medicine providing the latest knowledge for health care professionals as well as for the general public interested in heath care issues. The products range from traditional medical textbooks, handbooks and practical guidebooks to up-to-date medical databases published on the internet and on mobile devices.


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