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Fleuren & Nooijen B.V.


Fleuren & Nooijen BV is specialized in custom design of research systems for husbandry of Zebrafish, Xenopus and other fish species. The novelty of our systems is the fact that the filtersystem is up to its task, easy to manage and that the water supplied to each tank is controlled and of constant pressure. Next to this we operate from concepts and not from a catalogue; this means that together with you as researcher and your technicians we will come up with the best design for every user. We can work with aquaria, serial tanks, individual tanks or a combination. We retrofit or update your facility with monitoring and controling solutions and more effective solid removal, UV-C disinfection or biofiltration to be ready for future research projects.


Fleuren & Nooijen B.V.
Eindhovense baan 9
6031 NB, The Netherlands

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Personal Phone: +31646322303

Phone: +31495626163