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Supplier of Frogs, ovary, oocytes, testes. With Xenopus 1 frogs you get optimal research quality and utility. Do you need abundant bacteria free oocytes? Call Xenopus 1. Need frogs tomorrow? Call Xenopus 1. Want the best price and tiered pricing for frogs based on weight and quantity? Call Xenopus 1. How about freshly prepared oocytes and ovaries delivered tomorrow? When all is said and done you'll choose Xenopus 1 for the Greatest Frogs on Earth . We're the Dedicated Research Frog Company. Contact, you'll be glad you did. Don't wait! Here's another reason why: Xenopus 1 has the industry leading disease testing panel (4 pathogens) and our tropicalis colony is SPF for Mycobacterium liflandii. Don't risk anything. You know you'll have the best frog when you supercharge your research and get the optimal closed colony lab bred robust Xenopus now from Xenopus 1. 30 years of protocol development ensures the health and productivity of our frogs, limiting seasonal variations common to other Xenopus. In a separate facility we also offer Wild Caught Xenopus 11-13 cm. / 140-230 gr. Leading researchers have trusted this frog for 30 years with time proven optimal results. Xenopus 1 is the leading research frog company for all your xenopus needs. And find us on facebook , cool people are there


5654 Merkel Rd.
Dexter, Michigan
48130, USA

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Phone: 734-426-2083

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Fax: 734-426-7763