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Zgenebio Co.


Our company has obtained research funding to develop high-throughput vector assembly/construction for TALEN/CRISPR gene targeting systems to serve the Xenopus research community. We have used a new version of TALEN/CRISPR background to assembly TALEN RVD units or gRNA sequences. In zebrafish system, the success rate to generate indels is around 70-95% by using High Resolution Melting (HRM) assay at F0 generation. For F1 germ-line transmission rate is around 50-90% when we do the fin clip genotyping (see our website for detail information, The price for KO vector construction is as low as USD $500 (CRISPR) - $1,500 (TALEN). We can finish the vector construction jobs within three working days and deliver to your office within one week and with in vivo activity guarantee.


3F., No.245, Jilin Rd.
Zhongshan Dist.
Taipei City
104, Taiwan

Web Page:


Phone: 886-2-25361850

Fax: 886-2-25571100