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Amphibian Research Center


The predecessor of Amphibian Research Center, Institute of Amphibian Biology, was originally established in 1967. Since then, the institute has made significant contribution in the field of taxonomy, ecology, genetics, physiology, evolutionary biology, and developmental biology, using a variety of anuran and urodele species. The institute has also contributed a lot to science education; approximately 700 people visit the institute to see living amphibians (more than 60 species, 30,000 animals) and hear lectures every year. In 2016, Hiroshima University has reorganized this institute as Amphibian Research Center (ARC) for its further development. The ARC has three divisions: Bioresource Science, Embryology, and Evolution and Diversity. The objectives of the mission are to perform leading-edge studies on development, regeneration, evolution and genetic diseases, and to develop useful resources with the international collaborative network. The resource targets include Xenopus tropicalis, X. laevis and other amphibians useful for molecular biology studies. We are collecting, maintaining and distributing living resources including inbred wild type strains and genetically manipulated strains, and non-living resources such as nucleic acid materials and genome information. We are also performing dissemination activities, such as technical seminars for genome editing and transgenesis, to promote amphibian research. The current Director of Amphibian Research Center is Hajime Ogino, Ph.D.

Current Members

Kashiwagi, Akihiko (Faculty)
Suzuki, Atsushi (Faculty)
Ogino, Hajime (Faculty) Contact
Hanada, Hideki (Faculty)
Tazawa, Ichiro (Faculty)
Miura, Ikuo (Faculty)
Nakajima, Keisuke (Faculty)
Takebayashi, Kimiko (Researcher)
Takase, Minoru (Faculty)
Furuno, Nobuaki (Faculty)
Kakehashi, Ryusuke (Researcher)
Igawa, Takeshi (Faculty)
Yaoita, Yoshio (Faculty)


Amphibian Research Center
Hiroshima University
1-3-1 Kagami-yama
739-8526, Japan

Web Page:

Email: (Hajime Ogino, Ph.D. Director of Amphibian Research Center)

Phone: 81-82-424-7482

Fax: 81-82-424-0739