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XDB3 is a web data catalogue of the NIBB/NIG/NBRP Xenopus laevis EST project. XDB3 includes information on more than 250,000 ESTs from the NIBB/NBRP cDNA libraries. EST sequences, assembled contig sequences and their simple annotation by BLAST against nr-aa, X.laevis UniGene (NCBI), Xenopus Gene Index (XGI, TIGR) and Xenopus protein databases (NIH) are presented. The corresponding sequences of Xenopus tropicalis are also included. You can use the XDB3 for designing PCR primers and morpholino oligos to clone genes or to knock out genes of your interest. You can also use the XDB3 for viewing the spatial expression patterns from unfertilized egg to tadpole stage with the high quality photo images of whole mount in situ hybridization from several angles. The full insert sequences, of which are selected as the full-length cDNA clones, are also included. Concurrent project: We are examining the global transcriptome during early developmental process with 40k macroarray, 4.6k nr-microarray, 20k nr-oligo microarray. We are also carrying out the X3000 global functional analysis. It is composed of global gain/loss of function analysis by means of mRNA overexpression, and antisense techniques (Morpholino oligo, RNAi, maternal depletion etc).

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