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Knipscheer Group

Research Interests

Molecular mechanisms of DNA replication and repair.

Research Area

Cellular processes that maintain the integrity of our genome are crucial to prevent genetic diseases such as cancer. The main interest of our laboratory is to decipher the molecular details of these processes. Currently, we focus on understanding how toxic DNA lesions, called interstrand crosslinks (ICLs), are repaired, and how stable secondary DNA structures (G-quadruplexes) are resolved. We study these processes in the context of active DNA replication and make use of Xenopus egg extracts that support highly regulated vertebrate DNA replication in vitro. In this experimental system, we can recapitulate both ICL repair and G-quadruplex replication in a test tube, allowing us to gain insights in their molecular mechanisms.

Current Members

Knipscheer, Puck (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact


Institution: Hubrecht Institute

Web Page: