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Holland Lab

Research Area

The principal focus of our laboratory is the interplay between genes, embryos and evolution. This research area has witnessed a remarkable resurgence of activity in the past 25 years, as new tools are applied to old problems. One major goal is to understand the genetic basis of morphological diversity, and another is to use comparative data to illuminate human biology. Homeobox genes are a particular focus of our research group. Currently, we are addressing the role of homeobox genes in early development of the embryo and in the biology of the gut and pancreas, and using comparisons between species to understand how homeobox genes gain new roles.

Current Members

Holland, Peter (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact


Institution: University of Oxford

Dunn School of Pathology
Department of Zoology
University of Oxford
South Parks Road
OX1 3RE, United Kingdom

Web Page: