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Lab. of neuroreceptors & neuroregulators

Research Interests

Toxinology, neurotoxins, ionotropic receptors, protein structure, recombinant polypeptides, bioactiv

Research Area

At present the major topics of research in the laboratory are the following: search and investigation of polypeptide toxins that modulate activity of membrane receptors involved in pain sensation (Korolkova Y.V., PhD; Andreev Ya.A., PhD; Koshelev S.G., PhD); studies of antimicrobial peptides from arthropods and plant defense peptides (Rogozhin E.A., PhD); production of recombinant polypeptide toxins (Andreev Ya.A. PhD); study of DNA complex nanostructure (Danilevich V.N.). High quality equipment, use of state-of-the-art methods, ongoing staff practical skill training, open-mindedness and ambitious scientific goals — this is what best describes the laboratory of neuroreceptors and neuroregulators today

Additional Information

The laboratory was founded in 1987 by Professor Eugene V. Grishin, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The laboratory has evolved into a world-leading scientific team studying natural neurotoxins and their neuronal receptors. The focus is on toxic components of animal venoms acting on different targets in the cell membrane. General approaches have been elaborated to active venom components identification, isolation, structure-function analyses and use as high-precision tools modulating neural membrane receptor activity. We frequently use Xenopus oocyte system in our experiments


Institution: Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

Institute of Biorganic Chemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences
117997, Russian Federation

Web Page: