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Vize Lab

Research Interests

Genomic and Bioinformatic Databases

Research Area

My group runs the computational resources for Xenbase in collaboration with the Zorn data group at CCHMC (Ohio). We develop ontologies for linking different data types, and use these to build connections between gene expression data and biological processes. The group is based in the department of computer science.

Current Members

Karimi, Kamran (Principal Investigator/Director)
Vize, Peter D. (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact
Agalakov, Sergei (Research Associate/Assistant)
Pells, Troy (Research Associate/Assistant)
Arshinoff, Brad (Programmer/Bioinformatician)
Chu, Stan (Programmer/Bioinformatician)
Lotay, Vaneet (Programmer/Bioinformatician)
Wang, Joe (Programmer/Bioinformatician)


Institution: University of Calgary

Department of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
2500 University Ave. NW
Calgary, AB
T2N1N4, Canada

Web Page: