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Hill Lab

Research Interests

TGF-beta superfamily signalling pathways and Cancer

Research Area

The laboratory of Dr Caroline Hill is currently at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. In early 2016 the lab will move to the newly founded Francis Crick Institute (, which will be a world class interdisciplinary biomedical Institute situated in central London. Work in the Hill lab is focused on understanding how TGF-beta superfamily signalling pathways function normally in early vertebrate development and in adult untransformed tissue culture cells, and how these signalling pathways are perturbed in cancer. We have been exploiting the very powerful combination of early vertebrate developmental systems (zebrafish and Xenopus laevis embryos), together with a variety of model tissue culture systems, and we use methodologies ranging from developmental and cell biology to computational modelling.

Current Members



Institution: Francis Crick Institute


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