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DevCom ITN

Research Interests

European Research Network on Developmental and Computational Biology

Research Area

Bridging the gap between developmental and computational biology by offerring: -High-quality interdisciplinary training at eight European partner institutions. -Extensive collaboration through exchange projects and network meetings. -Unique training program on experimental and computational skills. -In-depth knowledge on embryonic gene regulatory networks and development in health and disease.

Current Members

Smith (Retired), James C (Principal Investigator/Director)
Hontelez, Saartje (Administrative)

Additional Information

The DevCom research plan revolves around early embryonic regulatory networks and disease networks in vertebrate embryos of the Xenopus and zebrafish model systems. The DevCom Training Programme offers computational-, experimental- and soft complementary skills workshops, as well as one cross-over workshop integrating computational analysis and experimental design.


Institution: CNRS

Web Page: