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Serrano Lab

Research Interests

Neurobiology: the development and proliferation of sensory hair cells of the inner ear.

Research Area

Our lab pursues several lines of research that share a common biophysical theme: the role of membrane ion channels in the reception and transduction of mechanical and chemical stimuli. Hearing and Balance Our interest in mechanotransduction is furthered through studies of the mechanosensory systems for hearing and balance that reside in the biomechanical marvel we call the inner ear. Musicians and Dancers especially appreciate these sensory systems. Repairing Damaged Brain Tissue Our interest in brain injury has prompted us to engineer neural cells in tissue culture to study their growth, damage, and repair. Neuroengineeered tissue can be used to study the restorative effects of neuroactive (plant) compounds.

Current Members

Serrano, Elba E (Principal Investigator/Director)
Llamas, Eduardo (Other)
Virk, Selene (Other)


Quick, Quincy A (Graduate Student)

Additional Information

We believe that life science research breaks new ground through interdisciplinary research. Lab members develop independent projects that integrate methods from genetics, informatics, computation, bioengineering, anatomy, and physiology. Students with interests in the physical and mathematical sciences, neuroethics, science policy, research education, and the intersection between art and science are especially welcome.


Institution: New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM

Web Page: