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Saha Lab

Research Interests


Research Area

Research Interests: * Specification and patterning of the early vertebrate nervous system; how neurons adopt a neurotransmitter phenotpye (e.g. GABAergic or glutamatergic). * Molecular mechanisms underlying the plasticity of the developing nervous system under different environmental conditions. * The effects of environmental toxins (in particular, mercury) on the development of the nervous system and the cellular-molecular mechanisms underlying these effects.

Current Members

Saha, Margaret (Principal Investigator/Director)
Herbst, Wendy A. (Research Associate/Assistant)
Lewis, Brittany B. (Research Associate/Assistant)
Miller, Lauren E. (Research Associate/Assistant)
Huyck, Ryan W. (Graduate Student)
Cutler, Ronald R (Undergraduate Student)


Institution: College of Williams and Mary

Institute for Cancer Genetics
Columbia University
ICRC #603A
1130 St Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY
10032, USA

Web Page: