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Reversade Laboratory

Research Interests

Xenopus Modelling of Human diseases

Research Area

Our laboratory studies the development of the human embryo, and genetic orphan diseases. To understand how embryogenesis proceeds, we investigate inherited disorders that cause birth defects. To gain understanding of biological processes as diverse as cancer, cognition, development, sleep or ageing, we investigate familial cases that show extreme example for these traits. Concretely to uncover genes preventing ageing, we will study patients that age prematurely or people that do not appear to age. Once we have uncovered the genetic variant responsible for a given disease or trait, we make use of patient's cells and animal models to examine the trait's aetiology or disease pathogenesis. We use of Human, Mice, Frog, Zebrafish and Drosophila to examine human pathologies.

Current Members

Reversade, Bruno (Principal Investigator/Director)
Xue, Shifeng (Post-doc)


Institution: Institute of Medical Biology

Laboratory of Human Embryology
Institute of Medical Biology
8A Biomedical Grove
05-39 Immunos
138648, Singapore

Web Page:

Personal Phone: (+65) 6464 2006

General/Lab Fax: (+65) 6407 0169