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Paillard Lab

Research Interests

The research team "Gene Expression and Development" focuses on mRNA (messenger RNA) metabolism.

Research Area

Our team is interested in all the regulations that are exerted on an mRNA, starting from its synthesis (transcription), then its structural modifications (splicing, deadenylation and polyadenylation), and finally its decay. We are also interested in the mechanisms that control translational efficiency. All of these regulations are mediated by the binding of regulatory proteins (RNA-BP) or through the binding of microRNA. We are studying regulatory RNA-binding proteins by several approaches: 1. Developmental biology: we analyse the developmental consequences of knocking-out or knocking-down RNA-binding proteins in vertebrates. 2. High-throughput approaches: we perform genome-wide identification of the RNAs bound by a given RNA-BP by immunoprecipitation of that protein and deep sequencing of co-immunoprecipitated RNAs. The aim is to identify the mRNA that are misregulated when an RNA-BP is inactivated, hence to understand the phenotypes associated with the knock-out or the knock-down of that RNA-BP. 3. Biochemistry and proteomics: we identify and characterize the protein complexes that are associated with an mRNA and that target it to a given fate.

Current Members

Paillard, Luc (Principal Investigator/Director)



Institution: Universite de Rennes


Web Page: