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Grainger Lab

Research Interests

Eye development, Xenopus tropicalis genetics

Research Area

Our group, which includes collaborators across the United States and Europe, is continuing to develop X. tropicalis as a model organism. We are optimizing husbandry regimes to further shorten generation time, adapting X. laevis protocols, and assembling a set of genetic research tools including chemical and insertional mutagenesis, gene traps, stable transgenic reporter lines, inducible gene expression systems, and genetic and physical maps of the X. tropicalis genome.

Current Members

Grainger, Robert M. (Principal Investigator/Director)
Fisher, Marilyn (Research Associate/Assistant) Contact
Zimmerman, Keith B. (Technician)
Nakayama, Takuya (Other)


Institution: University of Virginia

ILAR Code: Grngr

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Web Page: http://minerva.acc.Virginia.EDU/~develbio/trop/