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Drysdale Lab

Research Interests

Heart Development

Research Area

The goal of my lab is to understand the molecular events that are required to develop a differentiated heart and to determine what factors control the regulation of cardiac-specific gene expression. There are currently two main projects in the lab. The first uses Xenopus embryos to try and understand the multiple role for retinoic acid signaling in early heart development. The second is to understand the role of RNA-binding proteins in cardiac development. We have now knocked out a specific RNA-binding protein called hermes in the mouse and have found that it is necessary for early development. Analysis of these mice is ongoing.

Current Members

Drysdale, Thomas A. (Principal Investigator/Director)

Additional Information

We utilize a combination of classical embryology, molecular biology and genome manipulation to look at these challenging questions.


Institution: University of Western Ontario

Childrens Health Research Institute
5th Floor Victoria Research Labs
800 Commissioners Rd. E.
London, Ontario
N6C 2V5, Canada

Web Page:

Personal Phone: 519 685 8500 ext. 55072

General/Lab Fax: 519 685 8186