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Guille Lab

Research Interests

Regulation of transcription factor activity and Chromatin regulation in the early embryo.

Research Area

Our group is interested in understanding transcriptional networks that are active very early during vertebrate development, particularly those involved in blood formation. We are using biochemical approaches to study mechanisms that control transcription regulator activity in the Xenopus embryo, up to tadpole stages, and gain and loss of function assays to analyse the activity of these early transcription regulators.

Current Members

Guille, Matt J (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact
Coxhead, Peter G. (Post-doc)
Noble, Anna (Post-doc)
Page, Suzannah J. (Graduate Student)
Vega Lopez, Guillermo A. (Graduate Student) Contact

Additional Information

In addition to running the lab, Matt also co-ordinates the European Xenopus resource centre (see under organizations) with Liz Jones.


Institution: University of Portsmouth

School of Biological Sciences
University of Portsmouth
King Henry Building
King Henry I Street
PO1 2DY, United Kingdom

Web Page:,1018,en.html